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Unsure of what to do

Unsure of where you should start

Unsure whether your campaign is working

We have the SOLUTION for you.


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become digital marketer

(18hrs) WSQ - Integrated Digital marketing Strategy

Learn about emerging digital marketing trends and how to integrate offline and online marketing methods to increase your followers, leads and sales.

Content Curation

(18hrs) WSQ - Content Marketing Strategy

Learn how to define buyer personas, and curate and create relevant content for your personas. Learn copywriting techniques to write content that educates, engage and entertain.

Search Engine Optimisation

(18 Hrs) WSQ – Search Engine Optimization

Learn various non-technical skills to conduct On-site and Off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) audits for your websites and to rank your website on the first page of Google.

Digital Advertising Facebook Instagram

(18 Hrs) WSQ - Digital Advertising

Learn how to craft ad copies and design creatives that capture eyeballs and stop finger scrolling. Transform your content consumers into paying customers.

Social Media Marketing

(18 Hrs) WSQ - Social Media Marketing

Learn how to connect with your target audiences on social media, conduct audience research on Facebook Business Suite, run ads on Facebook and analyze campaign performances.

data analytics

(18 Hrs) WSQ - Digital Marketing Analytics

Learn how to track sales conversions on your website and interpret digital marketing reports. Replicate those that performed well and terminate those that underperformed to optimize your budget.

These courses are for you if you want to learn how to:

  • Identify your business goals with CLARITY… to drive you towards achieving what you want in DOUBLE QUICK time


  • Craft a SUCCESSFUL marketing campaign for your own business… if you fail to plan… you plan to fail


  • Identify the platforms that helps you to achieve the BEST SALES CONVERSION… so that you can focus on platforms that gives you the best ROI on your ad spend


  • Select the right TARGET AUDIENCE to market your products and services to, by speaking about their pain points… and giving them what they truly desire. Hit them right on their PAIN POINTS and they will be willing to pay you for you to solve their problems!


  • Identify the customers who are WILLING TO PAY for your service… so you don’t waste your precious time on customers who are only looking for freebies and are not willing to pay for your products and services


  • Go from 1 to 2 customers a day and SCALE that to 10 to 20 customers a day!


  • Combine your current methods with the online digital marketing efforts that we teach you to increase your profits with more customers both online and offline… it’s a virtuous SNOWBALL effect!


  • Create WINNING campaigns that work the first time you run them…


  • Identify campaigns that are not doing well before they start sinking to avoid MASSIVE losses


  • Redirect your ad spend from duds to performing campaigns so that you increase your marketing ROI… money invested in the right campaigns can give your REVENUE an incredible BOOST!


  • Recognize the BIGGEST mistakes online marketers make when running ads and how you can AVOID IT

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HP Enterprise
St Engineering
NTUC Enterprise
Bank of America
Supreme Court Singapore

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Our Excellent Trainers

You’ll be learning from our industry VETERAN PRACTITIONERS


Who have worked with some of the BIGGEST BRANDS in Singapore with international presence


They have spent YEARS doing testing, tweaking and optimizing to discover the perfect formula to yield SUSTAINABLE PROFITS


And right now, they are looking forward to SHARE WITH YOU how they have overcome their failures and are now achieving continuous



Tylus Lim

Lenney Leong

David Chan

  • With 18 years experience in the business of internet marketing, Tylus has helped to companies spanning over 30 industries in their marketing efforts
  • His notable clients includes Singapore Armed Forces, People’s Association, Hotel Jen, Shangri-La Group, Baiduri Bank Brunei, Guocoland Limited, Workforce Singapore, Prudential, Star Cruises, Singapore Institute of Technology etc.
  • Founder of digital agency, Get Customers
  • Young Singaporean Millennial entrepreneur who has spoken alongside giants of the industry such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Brian Tracy
  • Seamless transition to organizing virtual summits for over 3,000 participants from Thailand, Malaysia, Vietname, Australia and Singapore during the pandemic
  • Notable clients include CapitaLand and National Geographic
  • Freelance digital marketing consultant and trainer with over 8 years of experience
  • Notable achievements include the formulation and execution of a regional SEO implementation strategy for IHG, an international hotel chain
  • Generated over $3.8 million of ticket sales for a global soccer event through paid campaigns
  • Engaged to conduct Digital Analytics Training for NUS Business School

@ASK Training

Interactive Learning: Our trainers will hand hold you to create winning campaigns to help you scale

Learn From Experts: Our industry experts have generated millions of dollars in sales for big companies, and they want to do the same for you

Structured Curriculum: We provide step-by-step guidance on digital marketing fundamentals that will benefit you regardless of your level of expertise

Our Course Fee Table

 Full Course FeeNet Course Fee (after SSG training grants)
CoursesForeignersSingaporeans 40 years old and above
(Self-Sponsored & Company-Sponsored)

SME sponsored employees
Singaporeans 21 years old to 39 years old (Self-Sponsored)
Singapore PR 21 years old and above
Non-SME sponsored employees who are Singaporeans below 40 years old or Singapore PRs
(16 Hrs) WSQ - Developing Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

(18 Hrs) WSQ - Content Marketing Strategy

(18 Hrs) WSQ - Search Engine Optimization

(18 Hrs) WSQ – Digital Advertising

(18 Hrs) WSQ – Social Media Marketing

(16 Hrs) WSQ – Digital Marketing Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Our WSQ Digital Marketing Courses are 100% SkillsFuture Claimable. Little or no cash is required upfront as learners can enjoy up to 90% of funding from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) and  choose to use their SkillsFuture Credit to pay for the remaining course fee.

Yes, definitely! You can implement these tactics and strategies directly into your businesses!

You will be able to gain insights from our experienced trainers who have worked with reputable companies such as National Geographic, Prudential, Shangri-La Group and many more. You will be equipped with the necessary tools to market your businesses in the digital world and beyond.


You will learn about the emerging digital marketing trends and how to integrate offline and online marketing methods to increase your followers, leads and sales.


You will also be provided with hands on opportunities to simulate the creation of ads on the Facebook Ad manager and Google Ad platforms so that you will be ready to dive straight into your digital marketing journey at the end of the course.  

We have different modes of learning available for your selection. Simply let us know if you would prefer to attend our home based learning classes or in-person training classes at our physical training locations.