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ASK Training is a SkillsFuture Singapore appointed Continuing Education Training Centre (CETC). Our training courses are eligible for up to 95% SkillsFuture Funding.

Up to 95% SkillsFuture Singapore Funding Diagram - SkillsFuture Credit, PSEA & UTAP Claimable

*Eligible for Singaporeans, PRs, and Long Term Visitors Pass+ holders

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Learn from industry experts and excel in your profession. Choose from our short courses, full qualification advanced certificate or diploma programmes.

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Digital Marketing Courses

Level up your digital marketing knowledge, led by industry experts and get real-world, practical skills to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving digital marketing landscape. Our comprehensive range of courses covers everything from the fundamentals of digital marketing to advanced digital marketing strategies that drive real results.

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Microsoft Office Courses

Discover the power of Microsoft Office through our hands-on courses designed to enhance your skills and efficiency. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking advanced expertise, our tailored modules will equip you to effectively navigate the full spectrum of Office tools.

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IT Courses

Gain essential IT expertise with hands-on guidance from certified trainers. Our comprehensive range of courses will equip you with the IT skills necessary to develop robust and practical IT solutions through real-world training across various infocomm technology domains.

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Management & Leadership Courses

Begin a transformative experience that will empower you to become an exceptional leader. Whether you want to learn conflict management or apply three kingdom leadership strategies, our extensive courses are designed to equip you with the skills, strategies, and insights needed to navigate challenges and confidently lead.

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Personal Development Courses

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth through our empowering personal development courses. Our wide variety of modules ranges from building financial knowledge to managing stress, all carefully crafted to guide you towards bettering your innate skills.

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Media Production Courses

Learn to nurture your creativity through visual storytelling in our immersive courses tailored for both aspiring and seasoned creatives. Our comprehensive modules will empower and equip you with the capabilities to capture moments that create lasting impact.

Featured Programmes

Enrol into digital marketing and IT full qualification programmes and graduate with job-ready skills.

Programmes are eligible for up to 95% SkillsFuture Funding.

SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP)

Transition into a dynamic and thriving career in digital marketing and IT with this specially curated SkillsFuture Career Transition Programme (SCTP) pathway. Dive into the various pillars of the various fields and gain hands-on experience through real-world projects.

Build real-world experience with hands-on projects

Job placement services and freelance projects

Get expert guidance from industry professionals

Connect with experts in the field

Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing

Course Duration: 5 Modules (1 Month)

The Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing will provide you with a solid foundation in Digital Marketing.

Diploma in Digital Marketing

Course Duration: 7 Modules (4 Months)

Through this comprehensive 7-module Diploma in Digital Marketing program, you will gain practical digital marketing knowledge and abilities that are applicable on the job.

Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing

Course Duration: 8 Modules (6 Months)

Attain practitioner-level expertise in digital marketing and propel your career in digital marketing with this Specialist Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Certificate in Infocomm Technology (Infrastructure and Operations)

Course Duration: 7 Modules 

Attain comprehensive knowledge and hands-on skills in managing and optimising IT infrastructure. Kickstart your journey in the IT field with this Certificate in Infocomm Technology (Infrastructure and Operations).

Why Learn From Us?

ASK Training is a SkillsFuture Singapore appointed Continuing Education Training Centre (CETC) and one of the leading ICT training providers in Singapore. We provide a wide variety of training from SkillsFuture short courses to mid-career switch full qualification programmes. 

Interactive Learning

At our core, we embrace the idea that learning is a dynamic two-way journey; hence our guiding principle is “learning by doing.” We design our training courses to be highly interactive, ensuring your active participation. This approach ensures you are fully engaged and aligns your learning with the practical demands of your job, providing a meaningful and relevant educational experience.

Learn From Seasoned Experts

Accelerate your learning curve by tapping on tested and proven strategies of our trainers, all of whom are seasoned industry practitioners boasting many years of field experience.

Structured Curriculum

At @ASK Training, we firmly believe in maximising your learning efficiency. Our approach is rooted in instructional design principles, strategically organising content and activities to create an intuitive and effective learning experience.


Hear from some of our graduate trainees

Daniel Ariffin

“Trainer was very competent and trained the attendees well. There was a lot of banter going on as there were attendees of different levels with all Q&A attended to professionally , which made the learning process more interesting as compared to simply going by the books. Training syllabus and the manual provided were adequate and well laid out. Training facilities were excellent and the pantry well stocked for the rest breaks.”


Easily accessible, training courses are relevant and support for the learners are well taken care of. Trainers go beyond when needed to. Location is easily accessible. Had great informative relevant training provided by the trainers. Support staff was also very helpful in accommodating the learners.


Trainer Ms. Foo Soon Jong exemplifies exceptional patience and unwavering responsibility in her approach to teaching. She consistently goes above and beyond, offering comprehensive support and a deep understanding of each student’s unique requirements. Ms. Foo demonstrates remarkable adaptability, skillfully tailoring her instruction to accommodate the diverse learning paces of students across various age groups. On the administrative front, prior to commencing the course, Ms Kelly Chong diligently ensures the meticulous completion and follow-up of all essential documentation, exhibiting a consistently helpful and supportive attitude throughout the process.

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