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Why Learn From Us?

interactive learning

Interactive Learning

We believe that learning is not a one-way street. Learning by doing is our motto. Our corporate training courses are highly interactive to keep you engaged and to make your learning experience relevant to your work.
learn from experts

Learn From Experts

Shorten your learning curve by tapping on the tested and proven strategies of our trainers, who are all industry practitioners with many years of experience.
structured curriculum

Structured Curriculum

We believe that there is a formula to maximise learning efficiency. At ASK Training, we employ instructional design principles to sequence our content and create our activities in a way that is intuitive for learning.

Top Courses

  • Microsoft Office
  • WSQ
  • Management
  • Personal Development
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who we are


We are a provider of best-in-class training programmes for individual learners and corporate clients, with training and development courses catering to a wide range of in-demand skills. We are proud to be SkillsFuture Singapore certified Approved Training Organisation (ATO) since 2014, providing Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Training and Assessments.


We specialise in providing corporate and individual training for Microsoft Office tools through Microsoft Word courses, Microsoft Excel courses, Microsoft Access training and others, and are a partner of ICDL (International Computer Driving License) in the provision of IT courses.


We also provide Digital Marketing courses and Soft Skills Training in the areas of communication, interpersonal relationship building, management, self-motivation, and personal development for government agencies and corporate clients in Singapore. Our training courses range from basic to advanced and are suitable for learners at any stage of their career.

Years of Training Expertise
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Level Up Your Team With Professional Skills Training

Nothing is more demoralising for employees than realising that they lack the requisite skills to excel in their role. Send your team for professional courses at ASK Training to turn their weaknesses into strengths. Our programmes are learner-centric, interactive, enjoyable, engaging and most importantly, effective.


As one of the leading corporate training providers in Singapore, we believe in giving our learners practical knowledge and skills that can be applied at their workplace. Our courses are conducted by expert trainers who are dedicated to delivering the best learning experience for learners. We keep a close eye on ever-changing industry trends to tailor our curriculum and develop new courses so as to prepare your workforce with future-ready skills.


Our customised programmes can be delivered privately at our training institute, at our hotel training partner venues, in-house at your office or at an off-site location. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our training and development courses in Singapore.

Our Clients

As a corporate training provider in Singapore, we are proud to serve reputable brands from different industries and sectors.
Our Clients