Video production has emerged as the advertising medium for businesses that take their digital marketing seriously. Videos are an effective way to convey information engagingly, and the format allows brands to connect with their clients and increase their exposure through platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram. directly. While it may seem easier to outsource video production, there are many benefits to creating your own video content. It is more cost-effective and gives you more influence over how your brand is represented.

If you want to integrate video production into your marketing strategy, read on about how @ASK Training’s video production and video editing courses in Singapore can help you achieve your goals.

1. Enhances Brand Awareness 

Research into video marketing shows that customers prefer videos as an advertising medium as it is more engaging than traditional text marketing. Video content’s short, punchy nature means it can efficiently convey information to potential clients within a few minutes. Despite the success of videos in marketing campaigns, few businesses are taking advantage of this, though that number is steadily increasing. Master video content to get your brand out there and reach many potential customers with @ASK Training’s Skillsfuture-approved Video Editing courses in Singapore.

2. Improves Social Media Engagement

When advertising videos are used in conjunction with social media, the potential reach is almost unimaginable. The rise of social media has revolutionised the world of digital marketing. Social media users can share your business with the click of a button, exposing your business to new clients. The potential of videos as a marketing tool on social media is limitless. Use videography techniques from our courses to tap on trends such as the popularity of bite-sized videos. One such way is to use video reviews on social media platforms to get customers to interact with the product or service you are offering. Invite users to share their experiences with your business on social media channels like Instagram by commenting on your videos, sharing them with friends, and through the use of brand-specific hashtags. Watch your social media engagement soar as a report found that video content on Instagram generates the most comments and interactions.

3. Educates Viewers About Products & Services 

Increasingly, customers prefer content presented in a video format, so get on board with video production marketing trends. Create educational or ‘how to’ videos to provide essential information about your brand. Videos are an easy way to digest information quickly, making them popular with people searching for answers. In fact, a study by Hubspot found that 94% of people watch educational videos to find out more information about a product, with 84% admitting to purchasing it once the video ended. Use this to your advantage to educate viewers about your business and convert leads to sales. Videos are also regularly shared through search engines and on social media — precisely where your audience asks their questions. During the video production process, strong videography skills are crucial in creating eye-catching and effective ‘how to’ videos that will answer your viewers’ queries. Capitalise on the effectiveness of educational videos to drive lead generation and build brand awareness today.

4. Develops Trust

The relationship between consumers and businesses is one of the best indicators of whether consumers will make a purchase. A positive relationship is characterised by the trust that the brand provides for the service or product advertised. You can develop trust with potential clients through self-made videos by giving your brand a face, a person they can relate to. Customers are growing increasingly sceptical of marketing jargon, and this lack of trust will negatively affect sales. Use your own well-edited video testimonials featuring people from your target audience to help build trust and relatability.

5. Save Costs

So you’ve decided to get on board with the use of videos for your marketing goals, but what’s the next step? You may want to outsource the video production process, but many unexpected overheads will come. By educating yourself and your team through our videography and video editing courses, you will save money in the long term. Self-directed video marketing is perfect for large and small businesses as it allows for full autonomy. Book a Skillsfuture-approved video production course in Singapore for you or your team to start your video marketing journey.

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