Social media marketing has come a long way over recent years, especially with brands needing to find new ways to expand their reach. One such trendy strategy is partnering with influencers to showcase specific products to their followers who trust them. There are even courses on how to do so. But how can you use them to boost your leads and sales?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Sprout Social defines influencer marketing as a form of social media marketing that employs endorsements and product mentions from influencers – individuals with a committed audience seen as experts within specific fields.

Social media influencers have followers in the thousands or millions on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Their content ranges from health, beauty, travel and much more.

Why Do Consumers Trust Influencers?

Over time, there has been a gradual shift in perceptions towards brand marketing. People have grown sceptical of brands’ corporate-speak about their products. Instead, they value word-of-mouth recommendations from people they trust, such as their family, friends and even influencers they follow. A study performed in 2019 found that 63% of people trust influencers more than brand marketing. To fully master the potential of influencer marketing, we encourage you to engage in SkillsFuture-approved social media marketing and management courses with industry leaders in Singapore.

How Do Influencers Boost Your Social Media Strategy

1. Build Trust In Your Brand On Social Media

As mentioned above, building trust with consumers is crucial as scepticism towards brands and marketing tactics continues to rise. The use of social media marketing through influencers allows brands to promote across a trusted social media presence in niche communities and acts as a powerful form of social proof. The influencers’ endorsement of these brands or products is a powerful signal to their dedicated followers to trust and love these products.

2. Form Brand Influencer Partnerships

Marketing costs continue to rise on social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook, and businesses are increasingly partnering with social media influencers to survive. Beyond short-term collaborations, long term partnerships provide a much better return of investments for brands. These partnerships boost brand association and credibility within niche communities that the influencers are involved in over an extended period of time. It is little surprise that 58% of marketers felt that the use of influencers in social media marketing was the most effective marketing channel, while 71% plan to increase their investment in that area.

3. Promote Your Brand’s Story

Stories are an excellent way to connect emotionally with people. Promote your business by getting influencers to share your brand’s story with their audience in ways that will speak to them. Unlike brand marketing, consumers view influencers with less scepticism and value them for their authenticity. As a result, utilising influencers in social media marketing can boost your customer acquisition strategy by reaching a wider audience in untapped areas. Working with influencers is also beneficial in customer acquisition as influencers can appeal to and convert sceptical audiences into customers.

4. Increase Brand Awareness

Boost your social media marketing strategy by generating campaign-specific hashtags and encouraging your influencers to share them in their posts. Target relevant audiences by using a combination of common and unique hashtags. Collaborate with influencers by sending them your products and asking them to review them on social platforms. Promote your brand by getting them to use your hashtags in their reviews to increase your brand awareness amongst relevant audiences.

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