Laptop literacy is more important than ever in the post-COVID-19 business world. Understanding basic laptop maintenance will allow you to resolve future technical problems and maximise current laptop performance. Read on to gain essential computer maintenance tips and consider joining our laptop maintenance courses in Singapore.

Here’s why laptop maintenance is a must.

1. Maximises Performance

Laptops may stall if you have unnecessary programmes and software. Your problem could be that you do not have enough RAM space. You can free up your laptop for more RAM by deleting old applications, clearing your cache, removing unwanted extensions, and updating your browser. Doing so and managing user settings will maximise your laptop’s software performance. An efficient laptop makes day-to-day work more effortless than ever – that means you can tackle heavier tasks with ease. Perform laptop maintenance regularly using basic computer literacy skills from our PC maintenance course in Singapore to experience the best your laptop has to offer.

2. Prevents Against Malware 

Whether you use a work or personal computer, it is essential to have an effective antivirus installed. But how do you know if your antivirus is operating effectively? Here’s a laptop maintenance tip: basic program checks can help you identify whether your antivirus needs to be updated, reinstalled, or replaced. Understanding how antivirus programs and malware behave can help protect you from the daily cyber threats your computer is exposed to from attacks within and beyond Singapore.

3. Managing Wear And Tear

Laptops are expensive and valuable tools. No one wants to deal with the hassle of transferring data when your old laptop is on its last legs. Ensure your laptop lasts as long as possible by undertaking general maintenance, which includes cleaning laptop hardware (with the proper tools) and ensuring that all buttons and ports are working. General maintenance will also mean your laptop lasts longer.

Essential Tips For Laptop Maintenance In Singapore

1. Delete Old Files

We’ve all got old files lurking in dusty digital folders. Our PC Maintenance course teaches us how to go through our computers and delete files that we don’t need. Deleting files is an excellent opportunity to reorganise your digital filing system so you can find everything easily.

2. Clear Your Browser’s Cache & Cookies

Clearing your cookies and cache is an essential computer maintenance tip in Singapore to help your browser operate better. Internet Explorer, Edge, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox let you clear cache and cookies by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE while the appropriate window is open. Other browsers may require a different method.

3. Use The Proper Tools To Clean Your Laptop & Ports

Maintaining the cleanliness of your laptop is important for general hygiene. Lightly vacuum clean the keyboard and ports to eliminate dust. Then, use a special keyboard cleaning putty to get pieces of debris out. Sanitise the laptop with a microfibre cloth, a Singaporean staple for housework, with isopropyl alcohol.

4. Test Your Camera & Microphone

Another essential tip for laptop maintenance is to ensure your camera and microphone work effectively. Doing so helps you to avoid awkward scenarios in Singapore such as realising you cannot be heard in your video meeting after speaking extensively. Test audio and visual components by opening up Settings or Preferences on your laptop. There will be an audio-visual settings option to test your microphone and camera. Use this to troubleshoot and fix fundamental issues and improve your online meeting experience.

5. Update Your Software & Firmware

Educators from our IT courses in Singapore share that out-of-date software and firmware will slow down your computer. Regularly check for software updates that can improve your computer experience and keep up to date on firmware developments. These will ensure your laptop-using experience is consistently positive.

Master Laptop Maintenance Today And Do-It-Yourself!

Basic laptop maintenance is a must for everyone. Rather than flicking through web searches and trying to figure it out yourself, book a short computer course where an IT expert will walk you through all the tips to improve your maintenance skills. @ASK Training provides a quality essential laptop maintenance course in Singapore. Book yours today and learn how to optimise your laptop experience.