In the past two decades, small and medium sized businesses have become increasingly reliant on digital solutions to function. But with innovation comes risks that companies must acknowledge; digital vulnerabilities allow hackers to steal money, information and other resources. By educating your staff on IT security best practices through sending them for relevant courses by reputable corporate training course providers in Singapore such as @ASK Training, you can protect your business from online threats.

The Importance Of IT Security Training For Your Staff

IT security operates internally and externally. Your IT team will ensure the appropriate measures are put into place to protect from external attacks. These may include firewalls and detection codes. But if the internal vulnerabilities aren’t accounted for, threats can penetrate your website and use ransomware to extract goods.

One example of this comes from the 2021 ransomware attack on the CNA Financial Group which cost the entity US$40m. In this scenario, hackers gained access to the company network via a fake browser update. During the attack, they destroyed or disabled CNA back ups and deployed ransomware onto certain systems within the environment. CNA had no choice but to disconnect systems globally as a containment measure.

This is an example of a well-known organisation with hardy security measures falling victim to the ignorance or negligence of their staff. You can avoid similar scenarios by offering staff training in basic IT security measures. This will help mitigate vulnerabilities that arise internally. But if that isn’t enough for you, here are some more reasons why your orgnanisation should pursue cybersecurity courses for your staff in Singapore.

1. Prevalence of Cybercrime

Cybercrime is here to stay, and your organisation needs to prepare. Today’s global culture is highly reliant upon technology and, as this advances, the platform for cyber attacks and education around malware development will only increase. Businesses rely on technology for customer service, accounting, communications, sales and much more. Without IT security training, you put all of this at exponential risk.

2. Strengthen Information Security

Information is key to many businesses, and this is what ransomware attacks often target. Government, tech, and medicine are amongst the most targeted sectors for cyberattacks due to the information they protect. In a corporate training course for cybersecurity awareness, your staff in Singapore become aware of existing security strategies and learn how to follow the principals of your security plan. This may sound basic, but many industries neglect this step. Without a culture of cybersecurity and employee training events, your information will be at risk.

3. Build Trust With Customers & Shareholders

Confidence in data security is important for prospective customers and investors. When this confidence is destroyed, revenue may also decline as customers take their business elsewhere and stakeholders withdraw their support. On the flip side, if you can demonstrate that your business takes digital security seriously, this will increase customer and stakeholder confidence in the business. In turn, it may lead to further profits or a better relationship with both parties.

4. Protect Your Company’s Bottom Line

The 2021 CNA attack is evidence of how costly a successful ransomware attack can be. For some entities, this may mean a decrease in net profit, for others, it could mean bankruptcy. Considering the damage which an attack may cause your business, it’s beneficial to view cybersecurity corporate training courses in Singapore as a necessary investment. The benefit of paying for properly trained staff outweigh the potential losses posed by a leak or breach.

5. Gives Your Staff Assurance To Deal With Threats

Employee confidence is a key indicator of competency, but how can your employees confidently navigate digital minefields when they aren’t confident in their capacity to do so? Further, a Kaspersky Lab study revealed that 68 percent of people reported feelings of anxiety concerning data breach news.

@ASK Training’s IT courses in Singapore can reduce stress for staff and provide them with tools to mitigate, and navigate, common hacking strategies. It also helps eliminate risky behaviours and advance best-practice cybersecurity strategies across the board. With this training, the role of cybersecurity falls on the whole team, not just the IT specialists.

Secure Your Company With @ASK Training

If you’re convinced that IT security training is necessary for your business, then consider booking a corporate training course with @ASK Training in Singapore. During these IT and computer courses at our training center, your staff will learn an array of digital competencies designed to protect your business in the long run. Apart from these courses, we also offer various other IT courses such as:

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