Microsoft Office skills are essential in the Singapore workplace.

By attending our Microsoft courses,  you will increase your knowledge of creating different Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. Which, in a way, would improve your confidence and skillset to help you succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Here are some reasons why Microsoft Office skills are useful to have in the Singapore workplace.

1. Many Companies in Singapore Prefer Microsoft Office

The Microsoft Office suite of applications has long been the preferred business productivity software across various sectors since Microsoft Corporation launched the first version way back in 1990.

Over the years, many new expansions have been released with increasingly sophisticated features and enhancements to empower users to work more productively.  Microsoft created the most popular IT programs in the workplace, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access.

Whether you’re applying for jobs as an administrative assistant or trying to advance your career as an executive, Microsoft Office skills will prove indispensable in many industries and career tracks.

2. Microsoft Office is Great For Both Beginners and Experts

Employers often favour Microsoft Office because it provides an accessible suite of programs that scales to different skill levels. Both beginners and professionals can use these applications despite their different levels of expertise.

Anyone who has used a computer will have likely opened up Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel at least a few times. Those who wish to use all the hidden features these applications offer will benefit from in-depth IT or Microsoft application-specific training courses.

3. Microsoft Office Skills Give You an Edge in the Job Market

If you’re hoping to score a job at a top company, being able to use popular IT software can help you differentiate yourself from the competition. Although it’s not mandatory to declare your proficiency in these applications on your resume or CV, many employers expect their employees to have basic IT skills, including fluency in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint at the very least.

If your employers or interviewers have raised questions about your competency in Microsoft Office applications, consider investing in a Microsoft Office training course. Many training agencies in Singapore provide such courses, but it is beneficial to seek a provider that offers certifications. @ASK Training is a WSQ SkillsFuture accredited training provider specializing in Microsoft Office tools. We are also a partner of ICDL Asia. Learners who graduate from our courses will be able to walk away with an internationally recognised ICDL certification as a testament to their computer skills.

4. Microsoft Office Skills  – Applicable in Almost Every Job Sector

Given the advent of digitization and the prevalence of technology in our modern society, we can safely argue that IT skills are something most people in the workforce will need sooner or later.

In general,  four sectors require workers to have IT literacy in Singapore.

Firstly, those who work in business support services. They include tasks concerning bookkeeping, accounting, data processing, and related consultancy services.

Second is the finance sector which handles areas such as payrolls, bank reconciliations, and budgeting.

The third sector would be IT – information technology – which oversees matters such as application development and maintenance and web design, system administration, and network management.

Finally, we have the human resources (HR) sector managing recruitment processes, staff welfare, employee training programs, and coaching sessions.

Jobs in these sectors require their employees to have proficiency in Microsoft Office programs. Some companies will even sponsor their employees for training courses to improve their skill set in the whole suite of Microsoft applications.

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According to US News & World Report, hiring managers are always  looking for professionals with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint skills.

If you’re unfamiliar with these programs, it may be time to consider upskilling yourself up with some Microsoft Office courses in Singapore.  You can verify your worth and get the upper hand on that job interview or promotion by learning these essential skills.

If you’re an advanced Excel user, we also offer various courses that may be suitable for you such as:

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