Businesses rely heavily on communication in order to succeed. From meeting with clients to sending emails, everything must be communicated clearly and effectively. However, many business owners don’t realise the importance of body language in communication. Did you know that 93% of communication is non-verbal? That forms a majority of how we communicate with each other. Although we might think that the words coming out of our mouths are the most important part of any business conversation, the truth is that our body language plays a huge role in how people perceive us and what we’re saying. Body language can make or break a deal, so it’s essential to make sure your nonverbal cues are sending the right message. Here are a few tips to help you use body language to your advantage when communicating with clients and colleagues.

1. Make A Difference With Gestures

Gestures are an important aspect of body language when you are speaking to people, especially for business communication. If you don’t use them, people might think you are nervous, rigid and you may lose your audience’s attention due to a lack of engagement. On the other hand, if you use too many gestures, it could give off an impression that you are spastic and unreliable. But gestures are more than just randomly waving your hands. They can help you illustrate a point or direct people’s attention to something important such as when you point your finger at key statistics or findings. Just like you can practice what you say, you can also practice how you gesture by rehearsing in the mirror or training with someone. This will make your gestures look more natural when you are talking to someone. If you use too many gestures, it may look like you are over-rehearsing or that you are nervous. This can be distracting for the person listening to you. Stick to one or two points that you want to emphasise with a gesture that makes sense.

2. Be Attentive

Body language is important during meetings to show you are paying attention and build rapport with the speaker. Be aware of your body’s non-verbal cues when being spoken to or replying. You want to look like you are interested and listening. To do this, some useful tips include turning your head and torso toward the person who is speaking, making eye contact, leaning forward, and nodding or tilting your head to show that you understand what they are saying. Another way to show that you are listening to someone and agreeing with them is to mirror their body language. If they lean forward, you can lean forward too. Keep it subtle so that the other person does not think you are copying them. Keeping an open posture by uncrossing your arms can also help to convey to the speaker that you are engaged in communication. Avoid appearing guarded to show you look like you are open to what the other person is saying.

3. Search For Opportunities To Connect

There are many ways to connect with your listeners such as:

  • Handshakes are a tradition in business communication. Though it may seem old-fashioned, there is a reason for it. Physical touch is a way to create a human bond. In today’s world, which is dominated by technology, handshakes are a proven way to make a lasting impression and create a connection.
  • Remove unnecessary barriers between you and your audience. This can be anything from what is on your desk or conference room table, to how high you hold your coffee mug. Removing them signals an openness to connect and fosters a good atmosphere for interaction.
  • A smile is another good way to connect. Your facial expressions can show how you feel. A smile can make people respond better to what you are saying, help you appear more approachable and make you seem more positive.

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Body language is an important part of business communication, and it can be the difference between a successful negotiation and one that falls through. By understanding the basics of body language, you can put your best foot forward when networking with clients or in any professional situation. If you’re looking for a course on how to use body language to your advantage or want to equip your team with these skills, contact us at @ASK Training. As a leading corporate training provider, we offer effective personal development courses in Singapore that focus on various ways to enrich your personal growth and improve your communication skills. Let us help you take your career and your organisation to the next level with our expert-led courses.

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