Bridging Big Data Analytics using Power BI

Course Code: ASKBB8

Bridging Big Data Analytics Using Power BI

In today’s corporate environment, fact based data plays a big part in shaping key business decisions. Reports, spreadsheets and slide decks jostle for space in our email inboxes, demanding for our attention as part of our decision making process. Are you finding it difficult to locate what you need? Or are you feeling swamped by the huge volume of reports to be analyzed before writing proposals to your bosses? Our 1-day ‘Bridging Big Data Analytics Using Power BI’ course can help you streamline your data analysis process.


So what can Power BI do for you? Power BI allows you to combine unrelated sources of data into interactive insights. You can transform endless rows and columns of numbers and words into colourful and visually appealing graphics that make your data narratives more impactful to the reader.  You can also set up alerts for yourself when data changes at the backend or set up automated reports to yourself via email at regular time intervals to be notified of the latest data trends. This will allow you to stay abreast of changes and amend your presentations in good time.


Bridging Big Data Analytics using Power BI


You can also share your data sources with anyone who needs access to them. Open up the Power BI service interface on your browser or mobile device and you and your colleagues will be able to work on the same dashboards and reports that update and refresh automatically to ensure that you are constantly working on the latest available data inputs.


Power BI also helps you remove any fear that tinkering on your end will affect original datasets and shared content. You can have greater peace of mind knowing that you can either choose to save your view of content or revert to the original default data view with the click of a button at anytime you want. This is possible even after you filter, slice or export the data at your disposal on your browser.


Course Objectives – Bridging Big Data Analytics Using Power BI

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize key terminology, phases, concepts and benefits of data analytics
  • Import, shape and clean up data set before analysis
  • Execute advanced summarization techniques with pivot tables
  • Set up Power BI Desktop
  • Create data visualizations to build and share reports
  • Build and share dashboards in Power BI Service


Participants can also consider attending our Microsoft Word 2019 – Advanced course. This will allow them to be more confident in handling long form documents, insert content controls and handle master and subdocuments for enhanced productivity when compiling data visuals and insights for enterprise reports.

  • Course Dates and Venue

    Bridging Big Data Analytics using Power BIJTC Summit-25-21--
    Mountbatten Square--04--03

    September 2015

    • Overview of Big Data Analytics

      • Common terminologies
      • Key concepts and benefits
      • Main phases of data analytics
    • Importing and Shaping Data Set

      • Importing data
      • Eliminating duplicate records
      • Cleaning up data
      • Setting up tables
      • Filtering with slicers
    • Advanced Summarization using Pivot Tables

      • Changing method of aggregation
      • Displaying multiple aggregation
      • Displaying values using built-in calculations
      • Applying frequency analysis
      • Filtering with report filter, slicer and timeline
    • Setting Up Power BI Desktop

      • Connecting to data sources
      • Establishing the data model
      • Clean and transform data
    • Creating Data Visualizations

      • Understanding reports and dashboards
      • Setting up common visualizations
      • Applying conditional formatting
    • Building and Sharing Reports

      • Setting up reports
      • Adding calculations and measures
      • Adding interactivity features
      • Creating summary charts
      • Publishing report to Power BI Service
      • Sharing report
    • Building Dashboards in Power BI Service

      • Creating and configure a dashboard
      • Sharing dashboard dependencies
      • Setting password in Access
      • Compacting and repairing a database

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Bridging Big Data Analytics using Power BI (ASKBB8)

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