The Art of Conversation Mastery

Course Description

In this comprehensive workshop, participants embark on a transformative journey to enhance their communication skills and become adept conversationalists. Led by Ivan, a seasoned corporate and public workshop trainer, this program is tailored for professionals seeking to excel in interpersonal dynamics.

Participants engage in thought-provoking discussions, hands-on activities, and realistic role-plays that mirror workplace scenarios. This holistic approach ensures not only theoretical understanding but also the practical application of skills. Ivan’s expertise infuses the workshop with real-world examples and evidence-based strategies, providing participants with actionable insights. By the program’s end, attendees emerge as masters of conversation, equipped to navigate professional interactions with finesse and impact. Elevate your communication prowess with ‘The Art of Conversation Mastery.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Develop a heightened awareness of the role of conversation in professional settings.
  • Master the fundamentals of verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Understand the psychological aspects of building rapport and trust.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge through practical exercises.
  • Equip participants with strategies for navigating difficult dialogues.
  • Summarize key takeaways and encourage actionable steps.

Course Outline

Mastering Fundamental Communication Skills:

  • Develop proficiency in verbal and non-verbal communication to convey messages clearly and effectively.
  • Acquire active listening techniques to foster understanding and enhance interpersonal connections.
  • Cultivate the ability to build rapport and trust through strategic communication.

Understanding the Psychology of Conversation:

  • Explore cognitive biases influencing communication and learn to mitigate their impact.
  • Develop emotional intelligence to navigate and manage emotions in various conversational contexts.
  • Gain insights into personality differences and tailor communication strategies accordingly.

Hands-on Application through Interactive Activities:

  • Engage in practical activities that reinforce communication principles and encourage real-world application.
  • Participate in role-plays and simulations to enhance conversational agility and adaptability.
  • Receive constructive feedback to refine and improve communication skills.

Strategies for Navigating Challenging Conversations:

  • Learn conflict resolution techniques to address and resolve conflicts professionally.
  • Develop diplomatic and tactful communication skills for navigating sensitive topics.
  • Acquire negotiation skills to achieve positive outcomes in various professional dialogues.

Enhancing Professional Impact:

  • Apply learned communication strategies to elevate leadership and influence within professional settings.
  • Cultivate a proactive and positive communication style to inspire and motivate colleagues.
  • Foster a collaborative and communicative workplace culture for enhanced productivity.

The Art of Conversation Mastery

Course Duration:
1 Day (9.00am – 5.00pm)
Course Fee Details:
S$708.50 (incl. of 9% GST)

This course is not eligible for SDF Grant.

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