Managing Stress and Achieving Wellness

Course Description

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the demands at work, at home, and in your social or personal lives? In a fast paced, high tech environment in which we operate, there is an increasing demand to achieve balance between work, family and your personal life. In our course, Managing Stress and Achieving Wellness, we will teach you how to better manage stress in the workplace or in life so you can become more productive and effective.

Within our 1-day course, participants will be provided insights into the causes of stress, both physically and psychologically. They will also learn to identify the symptoms of stress and various stress relief techniques to better manage their mind, body and soul.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to apply the knowledge and techniques learnt to:

  • Use stress as a motivator and recognize the symptoms of burn out
  • Recognize how our thinking and personality contributes to stress
  • Practice good eating habits and promote health through regular exercise
  • Practice stress relief techniques like breathing and visualization exercises

Course Outline

  • Understand what is macro and micro stress
  • Adaptive and mal-adaptive solutions to stress
  • Video case studies of individuals who face stress ad their reactions
  • Reducing stress by applying time management skills
  • Positive thinking techniques to harness the power of the mind
  • Exercise and its benefits to stress reduction and wellness
  • Self-evaluation and action plan for personal wellness
  • Rewarding the senses and reducing stress through aroma therapy, pet therapy, massage, stretching, laughter therapy and music therapy
  • Personal stress check exercise- self evaluation
  • Recognising the symptoms of stress, physical, mental, emotional
  • The four major sources of stress, work, family, social and personal
  • Managing negative emotions like anger so as to alleviate stress
  • Our eating habits and how it contributes to stress reduction
  • Sleep and rest – the importance of restful sleep and mental breaks
  • Visualization exercises to promote a healthy mind

Managing Stress and Achieving Wellness

Course Duration:

1 Day (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Course Fee Details:

S$654 (incl. of 9% GST)

This course is not eligible for SDF Grant.

Course Schedule

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