Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 – Advanced

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Course Description

Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 – Advanced is designed for participants to spice up the Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 Slides with customised animations, multimedia (video & audio) clips, and customised show setup.

You will also learn to add Action buttons to manipulate your presentation communications effectively. It also allows you to set up presenter views, record and rehearse your slideshow timing.

Challenge yourself by taking on 24hrs ICDL Perform Advanced Presentation Functions PowerPoint Advanced.

Course Objectives

In the 1-day course, you will be able to:

  • Insert and manage the Audio and Video used in your presentation slides.
  • Deliver a Presentation on a Computer using the Laser Pointer, Pen, and Making Annotations.
  • Use of Action Buttons to manipulate your presentation communication effectively from slides to slides.
  • Record and rehearse your slideshow timing, create a Presentation kiosk and use of custom shows.
  • Use the collaborative and distributing tools after finalising the Presentation slides.

Course Outline

Photo Album, Transition and Animation Effects
  • Insert and Edit Photo Album
  • Apply, Modify, Copy and Customize Transition and Animation Effect
  • Previewing a Transition or Animation Effect
Working with Multimedia
  • Insert & Record Audio Comments on a Slide
  • Inserting Video from a File & Web
  • Editing Media Playback
  • Inserting and Using Bookmarks
  • Compressing Media
Delivering a Presentation
  • Delivering a Presentation on a Computer
  • Using the Laser Pointer, Pen, and Making Annotations
  • Using Presenter View
  • Creating a Presentation that Runs by Itself
  • Using Action Buttons
  • Creating a Custom Show
Finalizing a Presentation
  • Setting Up a Slide Show
  • Rehearsing Slide Show Timings
  • Adding Comments to a Slide & Hide Slide
  • Recording a Presentation
  • Marking a Presentation as Final
  • Packaging a Presentation
  • Saving Presentations as Videos
  • Password Protecting a Presentation
Using Collaboration and Distribution Tools
  • Comparing and Merging Presentations
  • Publishing Slides
  • Creating Handouts using Microsoft Word
  • Online Collaboration and Distribution
  • Importing and Exporting an Outline
  • Broadcasting Presentations

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Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 – Advanced

Course Duration:

1 Day (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Course Fee Details:

$239.80 (incl. of 9% GST)

SkillsFuture Credits & UTAP claimable

SDF grant entitled, $2/hr x 7hrs = $14
Eligible for Singaporeans, and PR employees

Course Code: TGS-2020502876

Course Schedule

Course NameCourse CodeVenueJuly 2024August 2024September 2024October 2024November 2024December 2024
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 - AdvancedTGS-2020502876JTC Summit05-18-15-
TGS-2020502876Mountbatten Square-16-09-11