Microsoft Outlook 2019 – Basic and Intermediate

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Course Description

This course is designed for participants who want to gain the necessary skills to kick-start with the use of Microsoft Outlook 2019.

You will learn how Outlook manages all aspects of email communications, such as using the Outlook calendar to manage appointments and meetings, using Outlook’s People workspace to manage your contact information, creating Tasks and Notes for yourself in Outlook, and customizing the Outlook interface to serve your own personal needs.

Course Objectives

In the 1-day training, you will learn how Outlook allows you to manage all aspects of email communications.

You will be able to:

  • Compose and send an email message with specific message option including using of Hyperlinks
  • Flag a message for follow-up and use of colour categories
  • Manage conversations, sort messages and delay sending of message
  • Managing of calendars such as scheduling of appointments.
  • Organize your contacts and addresses such as create groups.
  • Use instant search, refine a search and advanced find for messages

Course Outline

Program Fundamentals
  • Starting Outlook 2019
  • Understanding the Outlook 2019 Program Screen
  • Understanding Items & the Message Window
  • Giving Commands in Outlook
  • Using Command Shortcuts
  • Using the Navigation Bar & Reading Pane
  • Using the To-Do Bar & Using Help
Composing and Sending Email
  • Composing and Sending an Email Message
  • Specifying Message Options
  • Formatting Text
  • Checking your Spelling
  • Working with Hyperlinks
  • Attaching a File to a Message
Receiving Email
  • Receive, Read, Reply, Forward & Delete a Message
  • Using the Inline Feature & Opening an Attachment
  • Flagging a Message for Follow-up
  • Using Color Categories
  • View and Manage a Conversations
  • Sorting Messages
  • Changing Views
  • Printing a Message
More Email Features
  • Saving Unfinished Messages (Drafts)
  • Recalling & Resending a Message
  • Using the Out of Office Assistant
  • Delaying Sending a Message
  • Using Quick Steps
  • Inserting a Signature
  • Using Stationery and Themes
  • Changing Message Format
  • Dealing with Junk Email
  • Add Address to the Safe & Blocked Senders List
  • Changing Outlook’s Security Settings
  • Inserting Screenshots
Working with Contacts
  • Introduction to the Address Book
  • Adding a Contact and from an Email
  • Edit, Delete, View and Sort Contacts
  • Mapping a Contact’s Address
  • Working in a Contact Window
  • Finding and Organizing Contacts
  • Creating a Contact Group
  • Printing the Contacts List
Using the Calendar
  • View & Navigating the Calendar
  • Scheduling Appointments & an Event
  • Edit & Rescheduling Appointments and Events
  • Working with Recurring Appointments
  • Setting Availability
  • Color-coding Appointments
  • Setting Reminders
  • Viewing Calendar Items
  • Changing the Appearance of a Calendar
  • Changing Work Days and Times
  • Printing the Calendar
Collaborating with Other Users
  • Using Schedule View
  • Responding to a Meeting Request
  • Taking and Tracking a Vote
Organizing and Finding Information
  • Create, Use and Manage Folders
  • Using Instant Search & Refining a Search
  • Using Advanced Find
  • Sorting and Grouping Information
  • Filtering Information
  • Using the People Pane
Managing Outlook Data
  • Using Mailbox Cleanup
  • Using AutoArchive
  • Working with Personal Folders Files

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Course Duration:
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Microsoft Outlook 2019 – Basic and Intermediate

Course Duration:

1 Day (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Course Fee Details:

$272.50 (incl. of 9% GST)

SkillsFuture Credits & UTAP claimable

SDF grant entitled, $2/hr x 7hrs = $14
Eligible for Singaporeans, and PR employees

Course Code: TGS-2020502877

Course Schedule

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