Effective Supervisory Skills for Management

Course Description

Supervision of a team is no easy task, especially for people new to the role and whom lack effective supervisory skills for management. The supervisor is at the core of every team and should aspire to harness the potential of every team member to meet organizational objectives. Supervisors can inspire each individual in their team to perform to their best for the team to succeed when they give advice and instructions for proposed action plans to their team in a timely and cogent manner. 

Here are some questions for you to ponder upon as a willing supervisor, reluctant supervisor or an aspiring one. Do you have to be a lot smarter than the average person to succeed as a supervisor? Does being a good instructor automatically make you a good supervisor as well? Is hard work the most important quality to become a good supervisor? Are you the only person that is capable in transforming yourself into a good supervisor? Are supervisors born, not made?

 Truth to be told, supervising is an art that requires constant practice for mastery. We can train our supervisory skills, just like how we train to master practical skills such as pottery making or flower arrangement. However, many people do not realize the importance of developing these skills so that they will be ready for supervisory roles when the opportunity rises. In fact, most people have assumed supervisory roles in some form or other over the course of their careers but hesitate to take up permanent supervisory roles due to preconceived notions about supervisory roles as stated above.

In this 2-day ‘Effective Supervisory Skills for Management’ workshop, we will tell you what to expect in terms of role changes when you take the step up from being a rank-and-file employee to assume a supervisory role. You will receive tips to learn the ropes quickly so that you can settle down quickly in your new role to gain respect from your team. We will guide you to identify your core responsibilities as a supervisor, how to delegate effectively and conduct effective On-Job-Training (OJT) programs for new members of your team.

We will teach you how to practice active listening and to ask effective questions to be a good mentor to members of your team who come to you for advice. You will also learn how to deal with difficult employees and how to communicate effectively with multi-generational employees for amicable conflict resolutions if any disagreements were to arise at your workplace.

With mastery of all the above mentioned supervisory skills, we are confident that you will become an efficient and effective supervisor and improve workplace relationships with your superiors, peers and subordinates. Come join us to level up your supervisory skills today!

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • Clarify the roles and responsibilities of your supervisory role and adjust to the new role with confidence.
  • Develop your skills in listening, asking questions, resolving conflict, and giving instructions and feedback to your team.
  • Gain insights on where generation gap issues are likely to surface and appreciate the impact they have on your team.
  • Speak the appropriate lingo and with the right tone that is specific to each generation of workers at your workplace.
  • Identify some techniques to deal with hostile, malingering, fussy and uncooperative members of your team.
  • Recognize the importance of developing good relationships with your fellow employees and peers to be seen as fair and consistent

Course Outline

  • Pre-assignment review
  • Transiting quickly into a supervisory role
  • Responsibilities of a supervisor
  • Delegating effectively
  • Setting goals
  • Planning for success
  • Listening skills
  • Asking questions
  • Giving feedback
  • Ask for what you want
  • Giving instructions
  • Communication with multi-generational team
  • Dealing with difficult team members
  • Conflict resolution
  • Orders, requests, and suggestions

Effective Supervisory Skills for Management

Course Duration:

2 Days (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Course Fee Details:

For in-house training only.

Course Schedule

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