Delivering Constructive Feedback Effectively

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Course Description

Unveiling the power of feedback, our workshop commences with a riveting exploration of its significance in both personal and professional realms. From dissecting the intricacies of the feedback to unraveling the principles that underpin impactful delivery, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of feedback dynamics.

Guided by a framework, attendees will master the art of delivering feedback with precision, emphasizing behavior-focused, goal-oriented communication. Active Listening Skills will be honed, ensuring participants not only hear but truly understand the nuances of feedback conversations.

As the workshop delves into handling resistance and gracefully receiving feedback, individuals will emerge equipped to navigate challenging conversations with finesse, fostering a culture of open communication. The spotlight then shifts to creating a culture within teams and organizations, emphasizing leadership roles, training initiatives, and celebrating successes.

The workshop culminates in strategies for applying feedback principles to team dynamics and managing difficult conversations. Participants will craft Personal Action Plans, setting SMART goals and establishing accountability measures for continuous improvement.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Adeptly deliver diverse feedback types, navigating the Feedback Continuum with precision and employing principles of specificity, clarity, and timeliness.
  • Effectively handle resistance, transforming challenges into growth opportunities, and foster a positive Feedback Culture by assuming leadership roles and implementing training initiatives.
  • Enhanced active listening skills, coupled with the ability to navigate difficult conversations, will empower individuals to create a collaborative team environment through peer-to-peer feedback and effective team feedback sessions.
  • Craft personalized action plans, setting SMART goals and establishing accountability measures, positioning themselves as catalysts for positive change within their organizations, fostering continuous improvement and growth.

Course Outline

Giving Feedback: Timing, Preparation, and Execution

  • When to Give Feedback
  • Preparing and Planning
  • Choosing a Time and Place

Conducting Effective Feedback Sessions: Techniques and Strategies

  • During the Session
  • Setting Goals
  • Setting SMART Goals

Managing Emotions and Follow-Up: Enhancing Leadership Effectiveness

  • Diffusing Anger or Negative Emotions
  • What Not to Do
  • After the Session
  • Evaluating Results and Moving Forward

Facilitating Goal Setting for Team Success

  • Collaborative Goal Setting
  • Monitoring and Adjusting Goals

Nurturing a Culture of Continuous Improvement

  • Feedback as a Development Tool
  • Coaching and Mentorship

Delivering Constructive Feedback Effectively

Course Duration:
1 Day (9.00am – 5.00pm)
Course Fee Details:
S$708.50 (incl. of 9% GST)

This course is not eligible for SDF Grant.

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