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Microsoft Word 2019 – Advanced

Do you frequently write reports, create forms, work on capstone projects, dissertations or compile lengthy documents? If you do handle these documents more often than not, our ‘Microsoft Word 2019 – Advanced’ course is for you.


Microsoft Word 2019 - Advanced


In this 1-day ‘Microsoft Word 2019 – Advanced’ course, you will learn how to leverage on more complex word processing features to improve your productivity when handling multiple documents and creating long documents and forms. The advanced formatting features taught can also help you to enhance the professional look and feel of your documents. You will also learn how to work with various themes, styles, document templates, create forms and format outlines, long documents and references.


Course Objectives – Microsoft Word 2019 – Advanced


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Apply various Word Styles to your documents
  • Insert TOC (Table of contents), picture captions and section breaks into your documents
  • Create an index and apply appropriate referencing techniques (i.e. footnotes, endnotes, citations, bibliographies) to your documents
  • Add content control in your forms to make it more convenient for your target audience to fill in information
  • Use the master document and subdocuments to streamline the final document compilation process


Participants can also consider attending our Microsoft Word 2019 – Basic and Intermediate course to familiarize yourself with the basic but essential features in Microsoft Word that can enhance your productivity at work.


Why should participants attend the basic and intermediate course as well? There is a wide variety of applications for Microsoft Word when it comes to creating documents. Thinking of creating a letterhead for your official documents? Microsoft Word can do it for you and allow you to insert your logo and watermark.


Need to create your sales invoices, employment letters, receipts, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) documents, legal contracts, pay slips? Microsoft Word can do it for you with an assortment of ready templates. Or perhaps you need to send out an invitation letter to thousands of your guests? Microsoft Word has a mail merge feature that can help you send out your invitations to all your guests in double quick time.


Mastering the basic and advanced features of Microsoft Word can help you visualize and verbalize your ideas and broadcast them to your audience.

  • Course Date and Venue

    Course Duration: 1 day (8 hours), 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

    Microsoft Word 2019 - AdvancedJTC Summit-18-27-17
    Mountbatten Square21-09-10-

    September 2015

  • Working with Themes and Styles

    • Apply, Create, Modify and Delete Style
    • Working with the Styles Gallery
    • Selecting, Removing, and Printing Styles
    • Comparing and Cleaning Up Styles

    Working with Outlines, Long Documents, and References

    • Creating a Document in Outline View
    • Rearranging an Outline or Long Document
    • Numbering an Outline
    • Viewing an Outline
    • Navigating Long Documents
    • Working with Master Documents
    • Using Bookmarks
    • Using Cross-references
    • Using Hyperlinks
    • Creating a Table of Contents Using Heading Styles
    • Creating a Table of Contents Using TC Entries
    • Working with Picture Captions
    • Creating an Index
    • Working with Section Breaks
    • Using Headers and Footers
    • Using Footnotes and Endnotes
    • Using Citations and Bibliographies

     Working with Templates

    • Creating a Document Template
    • Creating Building Blocks & AutoText
    • Using Building Blocks and AutoText

    Working with Forms

    • Creating a New Form
    • Adding Content Controls
    • Assigning Help to Form Content Controls
    • Preparing the Form for Distribution
    • Filling Out a Form
  • This course is suitable for people who have basic & Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word 2019 and who desire to deepen their skills in understanding more features and be able to utilize create a variety of professional documents more efficiently.

    User: This course is recommended to people who is a Journalist, Secretary or Admin Executive as a profession.

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$235.40 per participant (Inc. GST)

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Microsoft Word 2019 – Advanced (ASKWA9)

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