Be Kiasu, Be Creative and Effective in Problem Solving

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Be Kiasu, Be Creative and Effective in Problem Solving

Have you ever been stumped by a lack of ideas and initiatives at a personal or organisational level? Do you or your team members find it a challenge to come up with innovative solutions for the challenges you are facing? In our course, Be Kiasu, Be Creative and Effective in Problem Solving, we will teach you how to effectively tackle problems with innovative solutions and ideas.


In the modern workplace, employers are looking for creative individuals who can come up with novel ideas to solve problems faced in a typical day or to overhaul outdated work procedures that has led to systemic productivity decline. Employers value individuals who can channel creativity into productive solutions, especially those whose ideas can potentially lead to long term cost savings or new business opportunities.


Be Kiasu, Be Creative and Effective in Problem Solving



What You Will Learn


In this 2-day ‘Be Kiasu, Be Creative and Effective in Problem Solving’ workshop, participants will first learn how to distinguish between creativity and innovation and to recognize the attributes of creative people. They will be taught how to achieve the holistic state of total thinking and how to prime their body, brain and environment for creativity to flow. Participants will then get to know how to identify and eliminate the obstacles that restricts creativity and apply various creative thought processes to become a habitually creative person over time. In addition, participants will be introduced to design thinking techniques to enhance the idea generation process.


Course Objectives – Be Kiasu, Be Creative and Effective in Problem Solving

By the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • Distinguish between innovation and creativity in seeking solutions
  • Appreciate the different aspects of left and right brain thinking
  • Enhance your work environment to encourage creativity and generate new ideas
  • Apply design thinking into their workplace problem solving process
  • Solve organisational challenges and produce innovative solutions


Participants can consider signing up for the Critical Thinking for Problem Solving course to further develop their critical thinking skills.

  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration:2 day (16 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm

    Be Kiasu, Be Creative & Effective in Problem SolvingJTC Summit--09-10--08-09

    September 2015

  • Defining Creativity

    • Understand what is creativity and innovation
    • Measure your own creative potential and recognize creativity in others
    • Left, right and total brain thinking to achieve maximum potential
    • How to realize your creative potential and extract creative ideas from your mind

    Nurturing Creativity

    • Setting an idea quota and creating an environment that stimulates creativity
    • Combining creative thinking patterns with strategic thinking
    • How to overcome obstacles to creativity in personal and organizational thinking
    • Group activities to apply creative thinking to generate ideas and solve problems
    • Video case studies of organisations which succeeded through creative thinking

    Creative Thinking Process

    • The four step approach to creative problem solving
    • The three main phases in in creative problem solving
    • The ‘why’ approach to problem evaluation and idea generation
    • The 5Ws and 1H approach to evaluating the creative idea and solution
    • The SCAMPER approach to idea generation (Group activity in finding solutions)
    • Using drawings and visuals to generate ideas and solve problems

    Creative Action Planning

    • Personal creativity goal setting and action plan
  • ‘Be Kiasu, Be Creative and Effective in Solving Problem’ course is suitable for individuals who would wish to enhance productivity and harness creativity potential for maximum benefit.

  • “The most useful part of the course is to learn how to be creative, useful to my work. Trainer James is very good, informative, humorous and is a nice man” – Vasheelabhanu Binte Mohamed; NEA (14-15 Sep 2017)

    “Tools for problem-solving was useful. The tools make generating ideas easily which eventually leads to easier to solve problems.” – Mak Lai Kuen; AVA (14-15 Sep 2017)

Fees and Grants

$529.65 per participant (Inc. GST)

No SDF grant.


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