Microsoft PowerPoint is a diverse tool used across many industries. We’ve all used it for school and university presentations, or had to watch someone go through slides and present their idea at work. When used properly, Microsoft PowerPoint is an invaluable visual aide that can keep your listeners engaged via summarised key points. Oftentimes, people in the workplace don’t take advantage of the many functions available to them through PowerPoint. The result: dry and uninteresting slides that put you to sleep. Taking a PowerPoint training course in Singapore can help you develop not only good PowerPoint slides and designs, but enhance your presentation skills. To get started, a PowerPoint presentation course by a leading corporate training course provider such as @ASK Training can help you master how to use it effectively in the workplace.

1. Illustrate Your Point

The primary function of PowerPoint is to present data points in a digestible way. This is often done through bullet points where you can break down complex ideas into self-contained slides. Whether you have ten or a hundred slides, your audience will take in information better when it’s in a simplified format. This also means you can shuffle or eliminate slides as needed without disrupting the flow of the presentation. PowerPoint allows you to illustrate your point effectively by conveying key information in a tidy, clean format.

2. Save Time with Pre-made Templates

Microsoft PowerPoint has a huge range of premade templates that you should take advantage of. Using templates saves time on creating designs, invoices, labels, fliers and more. Businesses that use the templates can direct their human resources to more salient tasks like data analysis rather than focusing on setup. If a template doesn’t fit your specific business needs, you can adjust the settings to optimise your presentation, that which is still faster than developing a template from scratch. Use the Microsoft PowerPoint templates to save time on formatting and set up.

3. Break Out Of The Office

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have been forced to adopt new technologies to accommodate WFH requirements. During this time, companies found Microsoft PowerPoint to be an invaluable tool for communicating beyond the office walls. With PowerPoint, you can broadcast your presentation live through an Internet host, email the file or save it to a USB drive, present it live, collaborate through an online meeting or combine these to your advantage. You can also work on PowerPoint designs collaboratively through online sharing platforms. A corporate training course on using Microsoft PowerPoint will highlight the salient features of PowerPoint in the workplace and the advantages of collaborative work. Use it to break out of the office and create a dynamic and collaborative workplace.

4. Add Graphics To Presentations

PowerPoint graphics are a great way to customise your slides and keep your audience’s attention. Your graphics don’t have to be juvenile or overly trendy to achieve this. People take in information better when it’s accompanied by a visual aide. Try using the clip art function on PowerPoint or importing your own images to make your presentation more engaging. For professional presentations, import your company’s logo to add a professional touch. The graphics function for PowerPoint can help engage your audience and enhance professionalism – give it a try today!

Create Beautiful PowerPoint Slides With @ASK Training

As a powerful and ubiquitous workplace tool, PowerPoint is here to stay. Understanding its key features and learning how to develop effective PowerPoint presentations is key to getting the most out of this resource. As a premier corporate training provider in Singapore, @ASK Training offers an array of professional development courses which cover Microsoft Office Courses, IT Courses, Digital Marketing Courses and more. Our PowerPoint presentation courses teaches attendees the salient features of this resource and helps students enhance their designs. To optimise your PowerPoint usage, get in touch or sign up for a PowerPoint course with @ASK Training today!