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Effective communication is an art to be mastered, regardless of industry or area of focus. Beyond the spoken language, communication encompasses the non-verbal, including visual communication. Presentation skills are among the most integral communication tools that allow one to effectively showcase their professional expertise, leaving the best impression among the targeted audience. Learn to deliver presentations that influence and impress with our PowerPoint courses in Singapore.

Mastering PowerPoint Presentations

Keen to equip yourself with the necessary skills to present your ideas effectively? Microsoft PowerPoint is just the tool for that. This presentation software programme gives you access to a wide variety of tools to create visually appealing presentations.

At ASK Training, we offer a wide range of PowerPoint training courses in Singapore to help you better understand the wide range of functionalities within presentation applications. You will learn fundamental design techniques and presentation concepts to create engaging, and dynamic multimedia presentations in the Microsoft PowerPoint 2019 – Fundamental course. For advanced learners, the 24hrs – ICDL Perform Advanced Presentation Functions (PowerPoint Advanced) course will impart advanced knowledge and skills to customise your slide deck with your organisation’s brand elements, enhancing your productivity as you do so. For creatives who are interested in ways to design slides that captivate their audiences’ attention, the Creative PowerPoint Designs Masterclass course may be the most suitable.

Upon completion, you will gain the ability to effectively structure your thoughts and present your ideas in a compelling manner, one that generates significant impact across masses.

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Apart from our PowerPoint presentation courses, be sure to browse through our comprehensive selection of courses. Leverage our IT courses, soft skills courses, and digital marketing courses to equip yourself with new knowledge and skills. Do not hesitate to reach out to us should you require any help choosing the courses that meet your needs.

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