Terms and Conditions (ICDL Self Sponsored)

Terms and Conditions (for ICDL Self Sponsored Trainee)

SSG Advisory Guidelines

  • With effect from 1st Sep 2019, public agencies in Singapore and organizations acting on their behalf are exempted from the Data Protection Provisions of the PDPA. NRIC is a necessary data field which SSG collects for proper governance of training grant


  • @ASK means @ASK Training Pte Ltd
  • Course Confirmation Letter (CCL) indicates the successful registration of a course and the relevant course details as reflected in this document.
  • Working Day means any day with the exception of Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.

Course Confirmation

  • Trainee will receive CCL notification via email/snail mail once SSG approves the training grant, about 10 calendar days before the day of class commencement. Foreigners are not entitled to the receipt of any form of SSG training grant.

Training Grant and Payment Term

  • Course fees are subjected to Goods and Services Tax (GST). @ASK will apply for the applicable training grant upon sending of CCL.
  • @ASK will provide participants with an official invoice of the Nett Course Fee once the training grant is approved by SSG.
  • For Singaporeans aged 25 and above, you can use your SkillsFuture Credit to subsidize the payable Nett Course Fee.
    – You are encouraged to submit the claim on the SkillsFuture Portal once you have received the invoice and disbursed the payable amount to @ASK.
    – @ASK reserves the right to collect the Nett Course Fee in Cash or Cheque from you if the claim application is not completed before the day of class commencement.
  • Fee Payment is to be made by cash or by cheques made payable to “@ASK Training Pte Ltd” before the course commencement date.
  • Trainees are entitled to the training grant when they meet 75% of the training attendance and pass the requisite assessment. If you fail the assessment, you are required to re-take the assessment within 2 weeks of the initial failed attempt. Assessment fee for re-assessment is chargable and maximum number of attempts allowed is 3. @ASK reserves the right to collect full course fee from the Trainee who fails the assessment and re-fund is only available upon passing of the assessment.

Replacement, Transfer or Withdrawal request by Trainee

  • No replacement course dates will be provided once CCL has been sent in order to facilitate logistical planning.
  • Transfer to another course date is permitted before the CCL is sent. Written notification is required.
  • If the withdrawal request is less than 10 calendar days before the class commencement date, 50% of the course fee will be charged.
  • Once the CCL has been sent, full course fee will be payable for any withdrawal or no-show.


  • No refund for absenteeism will be provided unless valid reason is given within 2 working days.

Class Cancellation by @ASK Training Pte Ltd

  • @ASK reserves the right to change the venue, cancel or postpone the class with prior notice and full refund will be provided under such circumstances.


  • Signature is not required for submission via email (Sender email address must be the same as indicated in the form).
  • Signature is required for submission via fax/mail. By signing or emailing this form to @ASK, you declare that:
    – the information provided is accurate and true,
    – you understand and agree to the terms and conditions stated above.