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The teamwork in a team is what makes it so powerful. Teams are made up of unique individuals with distinct skills and talents. Each member of the team has their ideas about how best to achieve the team’s goals. This makes it imperative for each individual to be heard and for the team to work through conflicts. The successful performance of an organisation relies on the ability of its teams to work well together. When members have strong relationships and are clear about their goals, they can achieve optimal success. Through our training programme in Singapore, we help teams enhance their skill sets not on an individual basis but as a group. Team alignment can be achieved when individual team members are motivated to work toward the same vision.

Team coaching is a highly effective tool in enhancing team performance. As a corporate training provider in Singapore, we help each member understand their individual and team goals, and learn how their performance contributes to wider organisational goals. ASK Training’s programme aims to develop the team’s capacity and work together towards common goals while building trust and accountability. It involves the active participation of all the members of the team and a coach who is versed in the art and science of helping teams work together for optimum results. Furthermore, it addresses many complex issues that arise when multiple individuals work together toward a common goal. Team coaching helps develop a shared understanding of how each individual contributes to the team’s effectiveness.

Benefits of Team Performance Training

Clarify the roles and responsibilities of your supervisory role and adjust to the new role with confidence
Create an environment where everyone feels safe and accepted, regardless of differences in personality, background, or experience.
Identify some techniques to deal with hostile malingering fussy and uncooperative members of your team

Build a shared vision for the future that can be used as a reference point for decisions.

Recognize the importance of developing good relationships with your fellow employees and peers to be seen as fair and consistent
Identify common ground for making difficult decisions, such as choosing between possible solutions or creating an action plan for implementation.
Understand the types of networks connection types and network specific issues including firewalls.

Create processes for reflection and continuous improvement that don’t rely on a high-performing team member taking it upon himself/herself to facilitate positive change.

In short, team training helps teams align around a common purpose with clearly defined roles, be accountable for performance, behaviour and outcomes, and make constructive decisions in line with the team and organisational goals.

Who Is It For?

Our team alignment programme conducted at our training centre in Singapore is for:

New and Seasoned Teams

Project Teams



Leadership Teams

Team Alignment Programme

Although we have a proven team development methodology that targets several team performance factors, our approach starts with observation and understanding and not a prescription. We work with you to create a bespoke team alignment programme delivered by a team of coaches with extensive experience and skills. We provide training in both Mandarin and English, depending on your requirements.
We work with you to create a bespoke team coaching program delivered by a team of coaches with extensive experience and skills.
We can provide in both Mandarin and English, depending on your requirements.

A typical Team Coaching and Alignment Programme is conducted for three months to one year and would include:

  • Team assessment – A 360 feedback from all team members to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the team. This feedback report provides data points for team discussion and action plans. 
  • Team coaching sessions – Training sessions led by a dedicated team coach to facilitate positive change in the team’s performance.
  • Team leader coaching – A leadership trainer coaches the team leader to help him/her improve as a team leader and individual.
  • Individual team member coaching – Individual members may opt for one-on-one coaching to address specific challenges affecting their work.
  • Team goals and development plan – During the team alignment programme, the coach helps facilitate the goal development process and creates an actionable development plan for each individual on the team.
  • Workshops/webinars – The team members may attend workshops and webinars to strengthen mindset and skillset.

Training sessions for team performance are conducted weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, either in person, virtually or both.

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ASK Training offers training sessions to help enhance team performance through a team alignment programme. Contact us today to discuss how we can create a customised training programme as per your organisation’s requirements.

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