Applying Financial Quotient (FQ) in Decision Making Processes

Course Description

Learn to make the best financial decisions with ASK Training’s new course, “Applying Financial Quotient (FQ) in Decision Making Processes”! 

We often come across people talking about the importance of IQ and EQ, but how often have you encountered someone who talks about FQ? Financial Quotient (FQ) is the ability to obtain and manage one’s wealth by understanding how money works.

In our everyday lives, we are forced to make crucial financial decisions which have the power to impact the performance of our company or personal lives significantly. Having high FQ is essential in making an adequate choice. Despite so, many lack sufficient financial knowledge to make the best financial decisions. 

Within this 2-day workshop, participants will be taught key financial concepts through real-life case studies, and learn to apply what they have learnt into their workplace and their daily lives. Participants will also be taught how to use useful tools such as the Cost-Benefit Analysis, to aid them in making better financial decisions in addition to the concepts taught.

Let’s develop our financial intelligence and benefit both personally and professionally!

Course Objectives

To enable participants to apply useful financial concepts to:

  • Be enabled to make decision or proposal with financial elements
  • Understanding on financial models
  • Implement projects both in work and life with financial strategy

Course Outline

  • Example of an organisation’s financial model and its similarity to personal financial model.
  • The purpose of managerial financial reports. How can you apply this idea personally?
  • Various examples and cases will illustrate and integrate the following concepts and analysis tools. Learners will appreciate how to join the dots and building their financial mind. For example, you can find great value in these two flagship cases, the cost reduction case and the retirement planning case.
  • Key financial concepts in the following areas will be integrated and illustrated in the examples and cases:
    • Costs: Identifying relevant costs and benefits. Loans and cost of capital.
    • Uncertainties and Risks: Investment opportunities and risk preferences of investors.
    • Constraints: Working with boundary conditions. Budgeting. The impact of taxation and inflation.
    • Financial Dimensions: Cash versus Accrual. Working capital management. Why cash flow is the lifeline in a business operation? Forecasting future demand. Managing appropriate inventory levels. Price <–> Value <–>Time.
    • The Bottom Line: Profit or Loss and Liability.
  • Analysis tools illustrated in examples and cases, such as:
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis.
    • Payback / Break-Even period.
    • Project Evaluation.
  • Risk appraisal methods used in examples, including:
    • Sensitivity Analysis.
    • Scenario Analysis.
    • Expected Net Present Value.

Applying Financial Quotient (FQ) in Decision Making Processes

Course Duration:

2 Days (9.00am – 5.00pm)

Course Fee Details:

S$1070 (incl. of 8% GST)

This course is not eligible for SDF Grant.

Course Schedule

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