Learning & Development Consulting

Learning & Development Consulting

We offer best-in-class learning and development solutions. We bring expertise to help companies and employees thrive through designing, developing and delivering impact-focused learning experiences.

We’re committed to helping our client to:


A candidate is much more likely to join your company if you have a strong focus on employee development, as today’s employees demand more opportunities to learn.


When employees have the opportunities to upskill and reskill, it enhances their competencies, boosts their confidence, and do their work with greater ease


A company’s capacity to learn determines its capacity to adapt and innovate – and innovation is crucial for long-term survival.

A robust learning and development plan is crucial for any business, no matter how big or small. Maximizing a company’s workforce potential is important for MNCs as well as smaller companies who want to remain competitive. 

Our Areas of Focus

Define critical and non critical thinking

Learning Needs Analysis

Use presentation application features to enhance presentation

L&D Roadmap

Identify some techniques to deal with hostile malingering fussy and uncooperative members of your team

Stakeholder Engagement

Speak the appropriate lingo and with the right tone that is specific to each generation of workers at your workplace

Organisational Culture

Manage your attitude for greater personal and organisational effectiveness

Employee Experience

Practice and refine individual presentation skills

Learning Program Development

How We Do It

Appreciate the fundamentals of dynamic presentations

Our Solutions are aligned to your business objectives, the company’s specific standards and policies, leading to targeted and improved business performance.

Create target personas to identify preferences that will help you decide on the type of content to deliver to your potential customers

We design and deliver bespoke learning solutions which are innovative and agile.

Speak the appropriate lingo and with the right tone that is specific to each generation of workers at your workplace

Our solutions are anchored on the 3I principles – instruction, immersion and introspection converting knowledge into practical learning in the workplace

Recognize the key metrics to track and optimize your digital marketing ad spend

We are results focused. We focus and measure on the impact on the business and people.

Companies registered and operating in Singapore with a minimum 30% local shareholding and in a financially viable position can explore applying for the Enterprise Develop Grant (EDG) under Enterprise Singapore to receive up to 80% funding support for Learning and Development Consulting Projects. Find out more

Register for Corporate Culture Training Programme at ASK Training in Singapore

ASK Training helps bring out the best version of employees through the corporate culture training programme in Singapore. Not just this, but we also have a number of other courses such as team alignment programme, critical thinking training programme and more to help employees enhance their skill sets and performance. If you have any questions regarding any of our courses, feel free to contact us.

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