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In a world overflowing with data, everything is run by a set of numbers, algorithms, and binaries — it is the water of the digital age. Collecting, storing, analysing, and processing data has become a crucial part of business operations. To do this effectively and efficiently, a data storage and reporting system are needed.
In comes the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet — a versatile tool that not only allows you to store and report data, but also serves as a project management and dashboarding tool. If used extensively, it can also back up as an accounting and HRMS software.
Make the most out of Excel by equipping yourself with skills available at a high level of proficiency. Build such skills by participating in an advanced Microsoft Excel course in Singapore. This high-level certification programme presents learners with an opportunity to bring their spreadsheet skills to the next level and produce higher quality management. The training offers insightful dashboards, SQL, and VBA macros by way of hands-on learning practice and in-depth case studies.
Upon completion, learners will be equipped with the knowledge and skills in using a wide range of advanced functionalities within spreadsheet application in a personal or professional context.

Here is a list of the advanced Excel courses we offer:

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