Data Analytics With Excel Course
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Are you often required to work with large amounts of data at work, and wish you had tools to help you out? Microsoft Excel will be helpful for you. More than just a spreadsheet programme, Excel helps you make quick and accurate numerical calculations and allows you to carry out data analysis efficiently. However, advanced skills are needed if you wish to use Excel for data analytics. Here’s where data analytics courses with Microsoft Excel will come in handy.

Mastering Excel for Data Analysis

Here at ASK Training, we offer specially-designed Excel courses that equip you with the fundamentals of data analysis and help deepen your understanding of data analytics. If you wish to learn more about the advanced capabilities of Excel, such as the Financial, Logical, Lookup and Text functions, the Microsoft Excel 2019 – Intermediate & Advanced course will be suitable for you. The 24hrs – ICDL Perform Advanced Spreadsheet Functions (Excel Advanced) course will equip you with essential knowledge of advanced formatting, formulae and chart features to enhance work productivity.

Advanced learners who wish to use Excel as a data visualisation tool can explore the Data Analysis with Microsoft Excel DASHBOARD Reporting for Management course, which will equip you with knowledge and skills to build an interactive Dashboard from scratch to track business performance. The Bridging Big Data Analytics using Power BI course will be useful to those who wish to streamline the data analysis process and obtain interactive insights from huge amounts of data.

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