Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel – Advanced

Course Code: ASK7VA

Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel – Advanced

Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel – Advanced is designed to equip participants with a more profound knowledge of VBA. Users will be able to simplify complex processes involving pivot tables, charts and working with external data sources.

Who needs to learn the Advanced level of VBA? For example if you want to work in high finance industry such as investment banking, Excel VBA is most definitely still a valuable skill. When data is used as input into data analysis, spreadsheets may not even be the best tool to use.  Where Excel are still enormously valuable are in creating very large models where end users can see and experiment with all parts of the model.  This is the reason why finance uses spreadsheets so much: very complicated models (such as models of the finances of a large corporation) are the foundation of analysis.

VBA can be used in all sorts of industries that use data from finance to healthcare. Do a quick job search of “Excel VBA” or “VBA”  and you might realise that you won’t have trouble finding work as long as Microsoft Office continues to be used all throughout the majority of industries and companies.

The Pre-requisite for this course is trainee has to be familiar with the programming environment. Essentials fundamental knowledge of Macros and VBA is needed. You need to know how to apply the use of Excel Objects, Variables, Looping, Functions and sub-rountines.

Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel - Advanced

For those who are keen to have a stronger Foundation of VBA, you may consider to attend our 3 days VBA – Fundamental.

  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration: 3 day (24 hours), 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

    Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel - AdvancedFor in-house and customisation only, please contact us for more information.---

    September 2015

  • Text File Processing

        1. Importing Text File
        1. Reading Text Files One Row at a time
      1. Writing Text Files


        1. Declare an Array
        1. Declare a Multidimensional Array
        1. Filling and Retrieving Data from an Array
      1. Using Dynamic Arrays

    Data Mining

        1. AutoFilter Using VBA
        1. Using Advanced Filter to extract a Unique list of values
        1. Using Advanced Filter with Criteria Ranges
      1. Using Filter in place of Advanced Filter

    Combining and Separating Workbooks

        1. Separate Worksheets into Workbooks
      1. Combine Workbooks

    Using VBA to Create Pivot Tables

        1. Introduction to Pivot Table
        1. Building PivotTables using VBA
        1. Advanced PivotTable Features
      1. Setting up Filter in PivotTables

    Creating Charts

        1. Charting in Excel
        1. Understanding the Global Settings
        1. Creating a Chart in Various Excel Versions
        1. Customizing a Chart
      1. Creating Advanced Charts

    Working with Access from Excel VBA

        1. ADO vs DAO
        1. The tools of ADO
        1. Adding a Record to the Database
        1. Retrieving Records from the Database
        1. Updating Records to the Database
      1. Summarizing Records
  • The course, Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel – Advanced, would require the individuals to have attended VBA in Microsoft Excel – Fundamental or have written codes using VBA with the basic understanding of objects, variables, conditionals and looping before attending VBA – Advanced.

  • “The trainer, Stella, step through the thought process after reiterating the key points. Very useful. Thanks. Stella is also clear, concise and motivating.” – Koh Chee Hiang; Hewlett-Packard Singapore (Private) Limited (04-06 Oct 2017)

    “Stella is very clear, very organised. Sharp in answering questions. Easy to understand.” – Lim Cheng Hui; JTC (04-06 Oct 2017)

Fees and Grants

$695.50 per participant (Inc. GST)

SDF subsidy: $2 per training hour. For more information on SDF, please refer to > Funding Mechanism.

Applicants may use SkillsFuture Credit for this course

Absentees will be charged the full course fee.


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Visual Basic for Applications in Microsoft Excel – Advanced (ASK7VA)

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