Mobile Apps Development and Deployment for Your Organization – Beginners

Course Code: ASKMA7

Mobile Apps Development and Deployment for Your Organization – Beginners

(Previously known as ‘Let’s Build a Mobile App!’)

Mobile Apps Development and Deployment for Your Organization (Known as ‘Let’s Build a Mobile App!’ previously) aims to give you the knowledge and skills to start developing your own Mobile Applications with zero programming experience. You will learn about the differences between mobile apps and how they are developed for specific mobile devices and the different App stores.

Why do you need to build Mobile Apps? One of the benefits is to have the advantage of utilizing features of a mobile device like camera, contact list, GPS, phone calls, compass and etc. It is more fun and interactive for users. Besides, mobile users spend more time on mobile apps than mobile websites, especially if the mobile website is poorly designed. As such, building mobile apps will allow you to engage the user more, which promotes brand loyalty.


Mobile Apps Development and Deployment for Your Organization - Beginners

A well-designed mobile app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website. Apps usually store their data locally on mobile devices, in contrast to websites that generally use web servers. For this reason, data retrieval happens swiftly in mobile apps. Apps can further save users’ time by storing their preferences, and using them to take proactive actions on users’ behalf. There is also a technical justification as to why mobile apps can work faster.

Upon completion of this course, you will know how to develop your own app live using the portal, add styling and functionality to it, and deploy it to your mobile devices.

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SDF Subsidy & Skillsfuture credit eligible.

  • Course Date and Venue

    Course Duration: 2 day (16 hours), 9:00am – 5:00pm

    Mobile Apps Development and Deployment for Your Organization - Beginners

    JTC Summit


    Mountbatten Square



    September 2015

  • Background of Mobile App

    • Understand the Basic Terminology & Fundamentals of Mobile Application
    • Hybrid vs Native Mobile App

    Introduction to Technology Tools

    • What & How to Create a Mobile App
    • Mobile App Customization System (MACS)
    • How to Preview Your Mobile App

    Understanding MACS Modules & Features

    • Overview of In-Built Modules & Features
    • Implementing Modules & Features
    • Advanced MACS Modules & Features

    Project on Creating a Mobile App

    • Apply the knowledge instantly to create a functioning Mobile App. The focus is on Designing Concept and create a working commercialized Mobile App using the MACS framework.
    • Hands-on experience of using MACS to create a mobile app and get it working on their mobile device in a real-time environment.


  • Mobile Apps Development and Deployment for Your Organization – Beginners is a course that is recommended for individuals who would like to start developing their own Mobile Applications and with zero programming experience. It is preferably for the individuals to have prior experience using a smartphone and the App store. They are required to bring their own mobile device (e.g. mobile phone or tablet) during the course to preview the Mobile App created in the workshop.

  • “Positive reinforcement to slower students by Trainer Samuel. Always ready to attend to clarifications. Practical hands on workshop was useful.” – Norazlan Bin Jalal, NEA (23-24 Nov 2017)

    “The app development software is very easy to use and it provide an insight for us to touch base on how phone apps are build and develop” – Tan Seng Huat; NEA (05-06 Oct 2017)

    “Trainer is well versed on the topic presented. Building Apps was the most useful part of this course. Surprisingly this course was not available earlier.” – Andre Morris, Power Security Guard Agency Pte Ltd (02 – 03 Feb 2017)

    “Trainer Samuel is able to give ample scenarios for training needs. Room is well equipped.” – Imran Bin Saát, NEA, WRMD (02 – 03 Feb 2017)

    “Sincere, lively, approachable and knowledgeable trainer. Able to create an app within a day.” – Mak Kwok Leong, SCDF (29 – 30 Dec 2016)

    “Understanding the use of the Applify app development system.” – Ernest Ng Wei Jun, SPF (29 – 30 Dec 2016)

    “Something new and very good for me. Thank you ASKTRAINING” – Jayabalan A/L Tivathas, NEA, TIP (29 – 30 Dec 2016)

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$535.00 per participant (Inc. GST)

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Mobile Apps Development and Deployment for Your Organization – Beginners (ASKMA7)

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