Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Basic and Intermediate

Course Code: ASKBP6

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Basic and Intermediate

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Basic and Intermediate. In the 2 days training, you will get to learn to create an interesting PowerPoint Slides for Presentation. The topics include important features that allow you to create slides using WordArt, SmartArt, Insert and Editing Pictures from Screenshoot or ClipArt. You will be able to create and modify Tables and create Charts for presentation. The slides can be animated and also with interesting transition options. The lesson is easy to follow and you will be surprised how easy it is to create attractive presentations once you have learned it.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 - Basic and Intermediate

In PowerPoint 2016, other than the change in the user interface, many new features have been included as well to make using PowerPoint more efficient.

Upon completion, you may consider building on your PowerPoint knowledge by signing up for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Advanced.


  • Course Date and Venue

    Course Duration: 2 days (16 hours), 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

    Microsoft PowerPoint 2016- Basic and IntermediateJTC Summit19-2019-2007-0821-2222-2311-12
    Mountbatten Square22-2323-2410-1125-2618-1908-09

    September 2015

  • Program Fundamentals & Viewing Presentations

    • Understanding PowerPoint Program Screen
    • Giving Commands, Command Shortcuts
    • Creating & Opening a Presentation
    • Previewing & Printing a Presentation
    • Saving & Closing a Presentation
    • Using Help & Exiting PowerPoint
    • Inserting, Changing Layout & Deleting Slides
    • Navigating a Presentation
    • Organizing a Presentation using Sections
    • Changing Views, Using the Zoom Controls
    • Using the Outline Pane
    • Working with the Presentation Window
    • Working with Multiple Presentations

    Inserting, Editing and Formatting Text

    • Inserting, Editing Text & Text Box
    • Moving & Copying Text, Checking Spelling
    • Controlling How Text is Moved or Copy
    • Using Undo, Redo & Repeat
    • Finding & Replacing Text
    • Inserting Symbols & Special Characters
    • Changing Font Type, Size, Color & Style
    • Using the Font Dialog Box
    • Copying Formatting, Using WordArt

    Formatting a Presentation

    • Using Document Themes
    • Changing Slide Background & Rearranging Slides
    • Duplicating and Copying Slides
    • Adding Headers & Footers
    • Working with Bulleted & Numbered Lists
    • Formatting Paragraphs, Tabs & Indents
    • Changing Slide Page Setup

    Working with Objects

    • Inserting Pictures & Screenshots
    • Removing Backgrounds from Pictures
    • Altering Pictures Appearances
    • Cropping Pictures & Applying Picture Styles
    • Inserting, Editing & Formatting Shapes
    • Resizing, Moving, Copying and Deleting Objects
    • Positioning & Grouping Objects
    • Aligning & Distributing Objects
    • Flipping & Rotating Objects
    • Layering Objects

    Working with Tables

    • Creating & Working with a Table
    • Adjusting Column Width & Row Height
    • Inserting & Deleting Rows & Columns
    • Merging & Splitting Cells
    • Working with Borders & Shading
    • Applying a Table Style

    Working with Charts and SmartArt

    • Inserting Chart & Chart Data
    • Resizing & Moving a Chart
    • Changing Chart Type, Formatting a Chart
    • Working with Labels, Chart Elements
    • Inserting & Formatting a SmartArt
    • Working with SmartArt Elements
    • Converting Slide Text into SmartArt

    Applying Transition and Animation Effects

    • Applying & Modifying a Transition Effect
    • Applying, Modifying, Customizing & Copying Animation Effects
    • Previewing a Transition or Animation Effect

    Finalizing a Presentation

    • Setting Up a Slide Show
    • Rehearsing Timings
    • Hiding a Slide
    • Recording a Presentation
    • Marking a Presentation as Final

    Delivering a Presentation

    • Delivering a Presentation on a Computer
    • Using the Laser Pointer, Pen, and Making Annotations
  • The course, Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 – Basic & Intermediate is suitable for beginners with basic knowledge of Computer and Windows. For people who would like to transform their ideas into professional, convincing presentations through a presentation program called Microsoft PowerPoint. Whether you are delivering annual sales statistics to a large audience or creating a personal slideshow of your recent trip abroad, PowerPoint has all the tools you need to get your message across.

    User: This course is suited for individuals like the Sales Executives. For instance, it allows them to make use of the charts or the graphs to present their Sales revenue.

  • “Trainer Alaster is very organised and clear in delivery of lessons.” – Stella Neo; NYP (23&24 Oct 2017)

    “Creating the Master file for PowerPoint was useful. I can apply this method to my next project.” – (21&22 Aug 2017)

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