IT Clinics (PC/Laptop Maintenance)

Course Code: ASKCL7

IT Clinics (PC/Laptop Maintenance)

What forms a computer system? The hardware or software? Or both? Have you always wanted to maintain your own PC or laptops but feel uncertain of how you can do so? Or perhaps you have been searching for IT Clinics (PC/Laptop Maintenance) to gain practical knowledge on the above questions that frequently pop up in your mind?


In our 2-days ‘IT Clinics (PC/Laptop Maintenance)’ workshop, you will participate in hands-on practical exercises and get the opportunity to dismantle and assemble a computer provided by our institute or your own computing devices. When you are dismantling or assembling the various parts of the computer system, our trainer will be on hand to describe and explain the functions of each of these hardware to you to greatly enhance your understanding on how the hardware of computers come together to power your computing experience on your PC or laptop.


You will also be able to troubleshoot hardware and software related problems of your PC with more confidence and learn how to protect your system from security threats. With the simple tips and knowledge gained in this IT Clinic for PC and Laptop maintenance, you will no longer need to waste time and money to send your computer for repair for small issues such as absence of network connectivity, frozen computer screen images, unresponsive keyboards, PC and printers if you can effectively diagnose these problems and solve them yourself.


IT Clinics (PC Maintenance)


Course Objectives – IT Clinics (PC/Laptop Maintenance)


At the end of this 2-days course, you will be able to:

  • Assemble Do-It-Yourself (DIY) PCs
  • Install Additional Hardware
  • Install Operating System & Other Software
  • Re-format and do a complete software setup
  • Troubleshoot Common PC and Laptop Problems
  • PC Maintenance Tips


Participants can also consider attending the 16hrs – ICDL Secure Use of IT (IT Security). In this highly funded WSQ SkillsFuture course, you will learn how to secure your data, maintain privacy and prevent against identify theft. You will also learn how to protect a computer, device, or network from malware and unauthorized access. In addition, you will understand the types of networks, connection types, and network specific issues, including firewalls.


This course is SDF Subsidy & Skillsfuture credit eligible.

  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration: 2 day (16 hours), 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

    IT Clinics (PC/Laptop Maintenance)

    JTC Summit


    September 2015

    • Introduction to PC Hardware
    • Introduction to PC Software
    • Common System Errors and Recommended Solutions
    • Introduction to PC Security Security Threats
    • Precautions
    • Recovery
    • Demonstration on Hardware Related Problems
    • Demonstration on Software Related Problems
    • Participants to troubleshoot their own systems (bring from home) or sample systems will be provided
  • The course IT Clinics is suitable for individuals who would like to understand the components of a computer system such as the hardware and software of the computer. As such they may know how to maintain and diagnose their systems when breakdown.

    User: Individuals who are unfamiliar with computers’ parts and for individuals who would like to ‘diy’ their own desktops or laptops’ components.

  • “I learned the basics of assembling a PC. I benefitted on the various trouble shooting tips” – (06-07 Nov 2017)

    “The most useful part of this course was set up own CPU & knowing the parts when we are buying from the store. The trainer, Haja, is a very patient person, good in delivering topic on this IT Clinic. It was very clear and easy to understand.”– Olaganathan; MHA-Prisons (25-26 Sep 2017)

    “The trainer is very approachable & explains clearly” – (13-14 Jul 2017)

Fees and Grants

$535.00 per participant (Inc. GST)

SDF subsidy: $2 per training hour. please refer to Course Fee and Absentee Payroll Funding 

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Applicants may use SkillsFuture Credit for this course

Absentees will be charged the full course fee.


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IT Clinics (PC/Laptop Maintenance) (ASKCL7)

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