Introduction to Computer & Internet

Course Code: CRS-N-0049805

Course Objective – Introduction to Computer & Internet

Introduction to Computer & Internet is specially developed to cater for those with no experience whatsoever of computers and the Internet. It is designed for complete beginners and is open to everyone regardless of status, education, age, ability or understanding. Sometimes this course is known as Equalskills.

16hrs - ICDL Introduction to Computer & Internet

This course will help to remove the fear of using a computer for complete novices by using a simple, non-threatening approach to educate individuals in the basic skills of using a computer, email and the Internet.

This course is very suitable for Senior Citizen and Singaporean can use the SkillsFuture credit to pay the nett course fee. The instructor will guide you step by step in using the computer as a new user.

Upon completion of this course, we would highly recommend you to attend Introduction to Excel & Word.


  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration: 2 days (16 hours) 9am – 6pm

    Introduction to Computer & InternetUpon request only, please contact us for more information.

    September 2015

  • Unit 01 : Computer Basics

    • Parts of the Computer
    • Types of Computer
    • Getting Started – Switch on the PC
    • The Keyboard – Keys with Special Functions, typing symbols, clicking, pointer shapes, dragging
    • Shut Down the Computer

    Unit 02 : Introduction to the Desktop

    • Introduction of Icons – Computer, Document, Network, Recycle Bin, Internet Explorer
    • Taskbar & Start Button -Programme Shortcuts, Language Indicator
    • Start Menu
    • Shut Down Computer
    • Window Explorer
    • Manage Windows – Open, Close, Maximise, Minimise & Open Multiple Windows
    • Storing Information – Hard Disk, USB Flash Drive, DVD, Online Storage
    • Applications – Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Presentation
    • Different File Types – recognising the icon and file extensions

    Unit 03 : Introduction to Documents

    • Creating a Document
    • Name and Save
    • Change Font – Bold, Italic, Underline
    • Cut, Copy and Paste Text
    • Save & Print

    Unit 04 : The World Wide Web

    • The Internet Web Pages
    • Evaluating Information
    • Online Security
    • Understanding Secure Web pages
    • Connecting to the Internet (ISP)
    • Navigating Using the Toolbar
    • Favorites and History
    • Download Files
    • Search Engines
    • Social Networking

    Unit 05 : Email

    • Email accounts & types
    • Internet Service Providers (ISP)
    • Web base Email accounts eg. Gmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft Mail
    • Create, Reply & Forward an Email
  • The course, Computer & Internet is specially developed to cater for individuals with no experience or whatsoever of computers and Internet. It aims to help to eliminate the fear of using a computer for complete beginner by using a simple, less intimidating approach to educating them in the basic skills of using a computer, email and the Internet.

  • “Alan is great and a patient teacher of teaching. I do learn it. thank you!” – Siak Chai Lan (10 – 11 July 2018)

    “MR Alaster would take his time to teach over and over again when we are not sure. He is a very patience person.” – BeBe Merina (07 & 14 July 2018)

    “I find this course useful, and hopefully the duration could be longer so we could get a full grasp of the knowledge learnt,since we are seniors and slower. Anyway I’m coming back for more course. and hopefully $500 skillsfuture credit should be increased.” – Laily B Sallim (02 – 03 July 2018)

    This training was so good to me because I’m just a basic computer usage. I have learnt a lot . – Siti Junainah Binte Saiyadi (02 – 03 July 2018)

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Introduction to Computer & Internet (CRS-N-0049805)

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