Introduction to Microsoft Excel & Word

Course Code: CRS-N-0049810

Course Objective –

Introduction to Excel & Word

Introduction to Excel & Word is a foundation course in Microsoft Office. It covers some of the essential concepts and skills relating to effective computer use, basic desktop management, creating and editing documents and spreadsheets, and communication via web searches and e-mail.

In this Introduction to Microsoft Excel & Word course, you will learn how to perform font formatting, alignment and basic editing of documents. You will be learn how to compose, send and reply emails with attachments using Microsoft Outlook.

ICDL Introduction to Spreadsheet & Word Processing (Excel & Word)

It allows candidates to transition more easily to the ICDL Excel and Word fundamental courses.

We highly encourage your to continue your learning journey by attending our 16hrs ICDL Perform Word Processing Functions (Word Fundamentals) and 16hrs – ICDL Perform Spreadsheet Functions (Excel Fundamentals).

  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration: 2 days (16 hours) 9am – 6pm

    Introduction to Excel & WordUpon request only, please contact us for more information.

    September 2015

  • Computer Concepts

    • Hardware & Software Concepts
    •  Computer Usage Considerations

    Desktop and Managing files

    • Manage Basic Desktop Settings
    • View basic system information
    • Change desktop configuration settings
    • Manage Files and Folders

    Word Processing

    • Open, create, save and close a document
    • Select character, word, line, sentence, entire body text
    • Edit, Copy, Move and Delete text
    • Use the undo, redo command
    •  Format Word Processing Documents
    • Change font sizes, types, colours
    • Apply bold, italic, underline, subscript, superscript
    • Apply case changes to text
    • Align text left, centre, right, justified
    • Indent paragraphs
    • Apply single, 1.5 lines, double line spacing
    • Add, remove bullets, numbers
    • Switch bullet, number styles
    • Change document orientation, paper size & margins
    • Preview & Print Word Processing Documents


    • Create, Save & Save as a Spreadsheet.
    • Edit & Enter a number, date, text in a cell
    • Select a range of cells, entire worksheet
    • Edit, delete, modify existing cell content
    • Use the undo, redo command
    • Copy the content of a cell, cell range
    • Use the autofill tool/copy handle
    • Move the content of a cell, cell range
    • Select, insert and delete of rows and columns
    • Modify column widths and row heights
    • Use sum, average, minimum, maximum, count & average formulas
    • Number Format in decimal places, with/without separator
    • Display numbers as percentages
    • Change font sizes, font types
    • Apply different colours to cell content
    • Copy the formatting from a cell, cell range
    • Align cell contents & Adjust cell content orientation
    • Merge cell and centre a title
    • Change worksheet margins, orientation and paper size
    • Print Spreadsheets, Preview a worksheet
    • Print selected cell range or entire worksheet
    • Print a number of copies


    • Search engines & Carry out a search
    • Activate a hyperlink
    • Manage Bookmarks & Favourites
    • Show previously visited URLs
    • Manage Search Output
    • Download, save files
    • Copy text, image, URL
    • Preview, print a web page
    • Access an email account
    • Outline standard e-mail folders
    • Create an email, enter e-mail address in the To, Copy, Blind copy field
    • Spell check an e-mail
    • Managed attachment
    • Reply, reply to all, Forward an email
    • Print E-mails & a message
  • Introduction to Excel & Word course sets out essential concepts relating to effective computer use and basic desktop management, essential concepts relating to creating word and e-mail. The pre-requisite for this course is to be able to understand simple English and to have basic knowledge of computer such as using the mouse.

  • I appreciate and happy to have attended this course . The lecturer is friendly and patient with the senior . I have gain knowledge from the course and able to apply to my work. I will want to continue for advance course. Thank you ! – Hsu Ling Xin (12 – 13 July 2018)

    “Mr Jailani is good trainer,friendly and even willingly to share his knowledge. Thank you – Siti Junainah Binte Saiyadi (09 – 10 July 2018)

    “Bee Hoon was patient and caring. She took great lengths to explain to our doubts.” – Wong Yoke Peng (01 – 02 Nov 2016)

    “Philip has made the course easy to understand.” – Kenneth Huang Hao Sheng (19 – 20 Oct 2016)

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Introduction to Microsoft Excel & Word (CRS-N-0049810)

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