Financial Wisdom in Life

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Financial Wisdom in Life

Do you feel that you lack financial wisdom in life because you do not know what to do with your disposable income? Do you frequently wonder what you can do with your hard earned money to make it work for you? Or have you wondered why you earn a decent income but have little to no savings? It is no surprise. Pre-employment learning in schools focus on teaching academic knowledge to get students ready for the workforce, but not the knowledge required to live a life without financial worry.


Financial Wisdom is crucial to living a fulfilling life without constant worrying about the sustainability of your lifestyle and making ends meet. It is about using the right strategies to manage your finances to grow your nest egg. You will be better in managing your finances when you understand the value of money and how you spend your money. Strategic management of wealth is key to you achieving financial stability and prosperity.



Financial Wisdom in Life


In our 2-day ‘Financial Wisdom in Life’ workshop, you will be guided to identify your cash outflows, manage and reduce your liabilities and learn how to build up your assets and net savings. You will also discover your financial personality,  the major motivations driving your financial choices and learn how you can adopt a positive mindset about money. Next, you will be guided to recognize the risks involved in investing your money and how your wealth can help you build sustainable relationships with people around you. Lastly, you will create your personal wealth management plan to kick start your journey to grow your wealth.


Course Objectives – Financial Wisdom in Life

By the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • Recognize your cash outflows and take steps to reduce these outflows
  • Adopt a positive mindset towards money to attract wealth
  • Apply strategies to grow your net savings
  • Gain a holistic perspective of money beyond dollars and cents
  • Improve the quality of life of your loved ones and yourself with proper management of your finances


Participants can consider signing up for our Investing for Life course and Applying Financial Quotient (FQ) in Decision Making Processes course to gain more insights on financial investment and managing of their finances.

  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration: 2 days (16 hours) 9am – 5pm

    Financial Wisdom in LifeJTC Summit-12-13--Course will be discontinued-

    September 2015

    • Wealth cycle
    • Cash flow model
    • Managing cash outflow
    • Managing liabilities
    • Building up your assets
    • Increasing your net savings
    • Ways to increase your income
    • Your financial personality
    • Motivations behind your financial choices
    • Inculcating a positive mindset about money
    • Financial environment and factors: PESTLE framework
    • Prioritizing saving and investing in yourself
    • Applicability of ancient wisdom on wealth
    • Achieving financial resilience with good money habits
    • Building a passive income stream
    • Prosperous mindset versus poverty mindset
    • Defining financial happiness
    • Money and relationships
    • Personal action plan for wealth management
  • Financial Wisdom in Life is meant for everyone who wishes to improve the management of their personal finance. IQ and EQ are important but Financial Quotient (FQ) is equally important to be successful in life too.

  • “Trainer Richard is friendly & very knowledgeable and trys to explain clearly to us the things that we don’t really understand.” – (29-30 Jun 2017)

    “The most useful part of this course is to learn to be wise on financial needs and how to practise it.” – (29-30 Jun 2017)

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Financial Wisdom in Life (ASKFWL)

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