Enhance Your Memory

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Enhance Your Memory

Enhance Your Memory – We rely on our memory to get by our day. Increased awareness of Alzheimer’s has prompted people to learn more about their memory and how to improve it. There is no such thing as good or bad memory. It is only whether we are willing to train our brain to retain the memories.

For example, how do you remember names when you are being introduced to a new person? A name is a word, so to remember words, we must be creative or turn to imagery. So when you meet somebody whose name you want to remember, make a picture of them in a scenario related to their name, or relate their names in a fun situation. When you meet Tony Tan, make a mental image of our formal President in the National Day Parade. Or when you meet Rebecca Goh, it sounds like she is “repairing a car and ready to GO”. In this manner, you are able to remember names better in a fun and creative manner.

Above is only a simple illustration. Besides, learning to remember Names, you will be guided to learn to remember Numbers and Facts. You will learn which are the top 10 super memory foods and supplements.

This workshop shares with you simple and practical tools and strategies to improve memory challenges that you are encountering.

Enhance Your Memory

By the end of the course, you would be able to:

  • Describe how the brain remember and what causes us to forget
  • Develop mental retrieval cues for information and select appropriate memory strategies to remember better
  • Identify the actions to improve their memory

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  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration: 1 day (8 hours) 9am – 5pm

    Enhance Your MemoryHotel-17-18-21

    September 2015

  • Understanding Memory

    • Memory challenges
    • Memory Pathways
    • Memory principles

    Improving Memory

    • Aids & Tips
    • Applications

    Building up my memory

    • Memory Improvement Action Plan
  • Have you ever wonder what causes your memory to deteriorate? Have you ever thought of ways to improve your memory? Why crack your brain to think so hard when we have the Enhance your Memory course to assist you in resolving your issue.

    In this course, individuals will be able to identify the reason to their forgetfulness, identify the correct memory principles and techniques to be applied in their daily lives.

    User: This course is suitable for individuals who want to further improve their memories and for the betterment of their daily lives, whether is it at home or at work.

  • “Learning new ways to better enhance my memory, with methods like Linking, F.A.C.E for a person name. Trainer Kwan Liang was very engaging, well versed in the topic. Was able to give advises to students.” – Vassily Ong; @ASK Training Pte Ltd (21 Nov 2017)

    “Trainer Kwan Liang was great at giving examples and helping us to apply the techniques learned through different exercises.” – (15 Sep 2017)

    “Key Recall Rhythm 1. It helps us understand how our memory work and what could be done to improve it.” – (18 Jul 2017)

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Enhance Your Memory (ASKEYM)

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