Effective Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

Course Code: ASKPT8

Effective Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

Effective Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel – This is one of the most powerful tools in Microsoft Excel application that you should not miss it especially when dealing of large database. Upon completion of the course, participants would be able to understand the workings of Excel Pivot Tables, various techniques of summarizing data and create complex models for reporting. You will also learn how to create a Pivot Charts for presentation. Essentially, this 1 day course gives you a complete understanding of the use of Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel.

Effective Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel

This course is also a pre-requisite for participants whom need to create management reports to give a good overviews of organisation performance. It is highly recommended for those who want  to build their Excel knowledge further by attending the next course, Dashboard Reporting in Microsoft Excel.

  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration: 1 days (8 hours) 9am – 5pm

    Effective Pivot Tables in Microsoft ExcelJTC Summit18------

    September 2015

  • Introduction to Excel Database

    • PivotTables
    • Creating PivotTables

    Basics of Pivot Tables

    • Add Fields
    • Rearrange Fields
    • Adding or Deleting Fields

    Manipulating Pivot Table Layout

    • Adjust PivotTable Field List Layout
    • Show/Hide PivotTable elements
    • Layout Group on the Design Tab

    Changing and Formatting Values

    • Apply a Built-in Style
    • Work with Style Options
    • Merge and Center Cells with Labels
    • Change the Display of Blank Cells and Errors
    • Change Number Format
    • Adjust Column Widths on Refresh
    • Preserve or Discard Formatting

    Changing Sort Order

    Setting Top Values

    • Filter for Top Items
    • Filter for Bottom Items
    • Clear Value Filter
    • Filter for Bottom Sum
    • Filter for Top 10 Percent

    Filtering Records

    • Filter a PivotTable
    • Drill Down Details
    • Adding a Report Filter
    • Display Report Filter Pages on Separate Worksheets
    • Sort a PivotTable

    Using Slicers

    • Creating a PivotTable Slicer
    • Filter Data using a Slicer
    • Format a Slicer
    • Delete a Slicer
    • Sharing Slicers between PivotTables

    Creating Page Reports

    Extracting Records

    Refreshing Data

    Grouping Pivot Table Fields

    • Group Dates or Times
    • Group Numeric Items
    • Group Other Selected Items
    • Ungroup Items
    • Displaying Group Labels with No Data

    Adding Multiple Summaries
    Creating Calculation

    • Adding Calculated Field
    • Adding Calculated Item
    • Editing a Formula
    • Removing Calculated Field
    • Changing Order of Calculation
    • Viewing all Formulas

    Using Multiple Data Ranges

    • Consolidate Data without Using Page Fields
    • Consolidate Data by Using a Single Page Field

    Generate Pivot Chart Reports
    Distributing Pivot Tables and Charts

  • A pivot table is a table which is used to store the summary of a certain data set in a condensed manner. Through having this table, it is very helpful in organizing a large amount of data in Microsoft Excel. The course, Effective Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel, will certainly ease the pain of the individuals that are required to summarise and analyze a large volume of data effectively.

    Pre-requisite: Individuals who have attained the knowledge on both the Basic and Intermediate Microsoft Excel are encouraged to take up the Effective Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel course.

  • “Shortcuts which are useful in our daily work.” – Cyn Chua; Stora Enso South East Asia Pte Ltd (15-16 Aug 2017)

    “Trainer Sandra was very patient.” – Jasmine Yeo; Stora Enso South East Asia Pte Ltd (15-16 Aug 2017)

    “This course is very relevant and practical for my work. Trainer Alaster is very equip with the topics.” – Pearly Ng; Tri-Wall (Asia) Pte Ltd (07 Jun 2017)

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Effective Pivot Tables in Microsoft Excel (ASKPT8)

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