(16 Hrs) WSQ – Search Engine Optimization New

Course Code: CRS-Q-0040525-ICT

This course has been designed as an introduction to search engine optimization to allow learners to first recognize the key differences between SEO and SEM and grasp key SEO working terminology, jargon and their definitions in order to effectively manage Google SEO projects.


Learners will then proceed to evaluate their customers’ search intend and discover potential keywords for ranking to effectively optimize web content that will increase their website’s visibility to their targeted audiences online. They will be guided on the methods to perform On-site and Off-site SEO audits and make the necessary SEO friendly adjustments to rank high on Google. They will also be taught how to evaluate the competitive SEO landscape to rank potential keywords and how to employ link building strategies to increase the number of backlinks to their websites to facilitate higher ranking on Google. Finally, learners will practice using tools such as Google Analytics to gather data for the design and execution of optimization plans for their websites.

(16 Hrs) WSQ - Search Engine Optimization

The main objective is to equip learners with the requisite digital marketing knowledge, skills, and attitudes to make informed decisions in formulating SEO plans, conducting site audits and using analytics tools to further optimize their websites in accordance to organizational business goals and objectives. These skills will help our learners to explore a career in digital marketing or to scale up their businesses.

  • Course Dates and Venue

    Course Duration: 2 days (16 hours) 9am – 6pm

    (16 Hrs) WSQ - Search Engine Optimization

    Home Based Learning


    September 2015

  • SEO Fundamentals

    • SEM Vs SEO
    • Importance of SEO
    • Businesses that require SEO
    • SEO digital marketing landscape
    • Google and SEO
    • Using Web Master guideline
    • Understanding Google algorithms
    • The 3 R ranking signal
    • The E-A-T quality rating

    SEO Terminology and Jargon

    • Domain and Sub-domain
    • Domain and redirect 300 codes
    • HTTPS vs HTTP
    • Website architecture
    • Web Server 400 codes
    • FTP and Web Server
    • White Hat vs Black Hat SEO
    • SEO Tools
    • Web 2.0 related terms

    Conducting Keyword Research

    • Understanding rationale for keyword research and keyword intend
    • Keyword research methods (Google Search, Google Search Console, Google Trend, SEMrush)

    Performing On-site SEO Audit and Optimization

    • Tools for On-site audit
    • Domain and server audit
    • Site architecture audit
    • Content audit
    • Using search operators
    • Optimizing internal site linking, meta elements, content relevancy and images

    Performing Off-site SEO Audit

    • Tools for Off-site audit
    • Domain authority audit
    • Domain trust audit
    • Backlink audit

    Link Building Key Concepts and Strategy

    • Anchor texts, and keywords
    • Definition of a link
    • Where to get links
    • Types of links (follow vs no-follow)
    • Unique link domain, link value
    • Target and Seek link building strategy

    Performance Driven SEO Project Management

    • Managing elements of a SEO Project
    • Rank tracking tools
    • Interpreting Google Analytics Acquisition Report
    • ROOP Optimization Framework
  • This course is designed for the following audience groups:

    (1) corporate marketers who are familiar with traditional marketing channels but would need to upgrade themselves for the digital world;

    (2) young and tech savvy digital native marketers who are looking to build upon their basic knowledge on digital marketing to better engage their customers via digital marketing platforms; (3) professionals and small enterprise owners who are seeking to leverage on digital marketing strategies to increase the public’s awareness of their products and services.

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(16 Hrs) WSQ – Search Engine Optimization (CRS-Q-0040525-ICT)

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