Computer Courses in Singapore

Digital literacy and computer skills are among the top most in-demand skills in Singapore. Boost your employability and take the first step towards career growth by gaining valuable computer competencies with our IT courses!


As a SkillsFuture Singapore-certified and Approved Training Organisation, we are committed to delivering value-adding courses that contribute to your personal and professional development. If you’re looking to bolster your resume with sought-after computer knowledge or perform better in your job, our short computer courses are here to help.

Master IT Fundamentals

Companies in Singapore and around the world are embarking on digital transformation to streamline processes and achieve business growth. Hence, computer literacy skills have become essential to thrive in the modern workplace. Here at ASK Training, we provide a variety of IT courses suitable for all levels, from total beginners to experienced computer users. Keen to start from the basics? If you are unfamiliar with using computers entirely, our short 16-hour ICDL Computer Essentials (Windows) course is a great place to begin. Pair that with our ICDL Online Essential (Web & Outlook) course and you will be more confident in performing simple functions like sending an email and surfing the web. For more intermediate computer courses, learners can choose to brush up on IT security or enhance their knowledge in Online Collaboration with the ICDL programmes available at our training centre.

Register for Short Computer Courses in Singapore Now

Our computer courses are taught by industry experts, with a structured curriculum that involves plenty of engaging, hands-on learning experiences. Learners and corporate clients may also tap on various funding schemes to lower the cost of skills training.


For walk-in registration, pay a visit to our training centre at the West Branch (The JTC Summit). Alternatively, online registrations are available as well. If you have any questions about our IT courses in Singapore, feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Top Courses

  • Microsoft Office
  • ICDL
  • WSQ
  • Management
  • Personal Development

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