Microsoft Word 2013 – Basic and Intermediate

Course Code: ASKBW3

Course Objective – Microsoft Word 2013 – Basic and Intermediate

At the end of Microsoft Word 2013 – Basic and Intermediate course, you would be able to create a variety of document in professional and formal formats. Your documents would be in proper layouts and formats on the tables, paragraphing, sections, headers and page numbers before printing for use.

You would be able to work confidently on Microsoft Word 2013 documents using WordArt, SmartArt, Charts, Pictures, Tables and Mail Merge.

For more in depth of Microsoft Word 2013? Consider attending Microsoft Word 2013 – Advanced.

  • Course Date and Venue

    Course Duration: 2 days (16 hours), 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m.

    Microsoft Word 2013 - Basic and IntermediateJTC Summit------
    Mountbatten Square------

    September 2015

  • Program Fundamentals & Getting Started

    • Understanding the Word Program Screen
    • Create, Save & Close a Document
    • Navigate, Brows & View a Document
    • Viewing Multiple Document Windows

    Working With and Editing Text

    • Checking Spelling and Grammar
    • Finding & Replacing Text
    • Using Word Count and the Thesaurus
    • Inserting Symbols and Special Characters
    • Methods of Copy & Move Text
    • Use of Clipboard, Undo, Redo & Repeat

    Formatting Characters and Paragraphs

    • Manage Font Type, Size, Color & Highlights
    • Changing Font Styles and Effects
    • Applying Spacing and Ligatures
    • Creating Lists & Paragraph Alignment
    • Adding Paragraph Borders and Shading
    • Line Spacing & Space btw Paragraphs
    • Set, Adjust and Remove Tab Stops
    • Using Left & Right Indents
    • Using First Line & Hanging Indents

    Formatting the Page

    • Manage Margins, Page Orientation & Size
    • Using Columns & Page Breaks
    • Working with the Page Background, Cover Page, Page Numbers, Headers & Footers

    Working with Themes and Styles

    • Apply, Create, Modify & Delete a Style
    • Use Styles Gallery & Create New Style Set
    • Select, Remove, Compare & Clean Up Styles
    • Apply & Save Document Themes
    • Creating New Theme Colors and Fonts

     Working with Shapes and Pictures

    • Insert Clip Art, Screenshots, Pictures & Graphics Files
    • Removing a Picture’s Background
    • Alter & Format Pictures and Graphics
    • Insert & Format Shapes
    • Resize, Move, Copy & Delete of Objects
    • Applying Special Effects & Grouping & Positioning Objects
    • Align, Distribute, Flip & Rotate Objects
    • Layering Objects & Inserting a Text Box

    Working with WordArt, SmartArt, and Charts

    • Insert, Editing & Format WordArt
    • Inserting & Format SmartArt
    • Manage SmartArt Elements
    • Insert & Format Chart, Work with Labels
    • Formatting Chart Elements & Chart Area
    • Chart Templates & Change Chart Type

     Working with Tables

    • Create & Work with a Table
    • Resize, Move & Adjust Table Alignment and Text Wrapping
    • Merge, Split Cells & Tables
    • Insert, Delete & Adjust Row & Column
    • Use of Table Drawing Tools
    • Sorting, Formulas, Borders and Shading
    • Using Table Styles & Options

    Working with Mailings

    • Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard
    • Creating Labels & Envelopes
  • The course, Microsoft Word 2013 – Basic & Intermediate is suitable for beginners with basic knowledge of Computer and Windows. For people who would like to create a variety of professional documents. As Word automatically checks your spelling and grammar and corrects common mistakes. It even lets you insert charts, tables, and pictures into your documents.

    User: This course is recommended to people who is a Journalist, Secretary or Admin Executive as a profession.

  • “A very motivated trainer and maximise the duration to impart knowledge to students. Well done for entire training.” – Yuen Chee Kong; ITE College Central (20&21 Nov 2017)

    “Trainer Priscilla i very patient, knowledgeable and passionate in her teachings. Will see if every course members keep up to her pace by coaching individually.” – (21&22 Aug 2017)

    “Working with tables and mailing was the most useful part of the course. Trainer’s instruction was clear and patient in explaining.” – Koh Khong Hwee (21&22 Aug 2017)

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